Beijing Winter Olympics Torch Relay Story Short Sphi "Ice and Snow About" in Beijing

"The Ice Snow" mainly enlightened the premiere.

(The organizer is map) People’s Network Beijing October 23 (Yin Xingyun) On October 22nd The film is directed by famous director Ding Wei, youth actors Yi Qianlu and the Chinese freestyle ski athlete Gu Ling starred. "It is very glorious to receive this task, there is a mission." Recalling the "Ice and Snow" creation the original intention, director Ding Yudeng excited. In order to show the love of ice and snow in the natural state, all the magnificent scenes in the film are shot in the field. At the beginning of 2021, the creation team led by Ding Yi went to Xinjiang, Jilin, Inner Mongolia and Beijing. Under the severe cold conditions of the minimum temperature reached 42 degrees Celsius, the beauty of the ice and snow is the beauty of the ice and snow. "The team has worked hard, and it is not asya any movie work. We also feel that you must reach a best level, you can honor all the expectations of the ice and snow sports friends." According to Ding Yi, seven ice and snow presenting in the short film. Sports projects are pure and exterior, only to create a pure and natural beauty of ice and snow movement.

On-site, through the video connection, the Great to Winter Olympics also sent a greeting.

She is grateful to the film team, and the short film gives themselves a chance to understand the artistic art of ice and snow. I hope I can express my self, break the boundaries, I look forward to knowing more friends in China’s snow slope, share with more people share The beauty of ice and snow. Since the 20th, it is widespread, and everyone is also full of expectations.

At the event, the Minister of Cultural Activities, the Ministry of Cultural Activities of the Beijing Winter Olympics, recorded the historical attitude of the Ding Ding, recorded the spirit of contemporary China and the spiritual state of people, and the ice and snow movement and the Olympic spirit. Perfect expression makes the film a valuable Winter Olympics.

She also blessed "Ice and Snow" can be accompanied by Winter Olympics to the world, and truly enters every heart that loves snow sports.

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