Huang Shaotian is a little unhappy,I wonder if Miss Ben is so bad??Do you need to be so direct?

Chapter nine hundred and fifty six Favor
() “wrong!Although Wuhao is excellent,It’s just a newcomer,It’s not worth the price of Yue Wang,Don’t even need face。What do you think?”Lu Menglin smiled。
“You are still a little self-aware.Is it?”Huang Shaotian is not a fool,I took the opportunity to make fun of each other,I immediately felt something was wrong!
This whole thing today,All reveal a bit weird!
I was fooled by my family to come here for a blind date,Then I met Wu Hao, a big bad guy!And he didn’t even know,This is obviously something someone is calculating。
“This house was given to me by His Highness the Sixth Prince,Today is my first visit!”Lu Menglin expressionless,Lightly。
“what?what do you mean?The King of Yue and the Sixth Prince.”Huang Shaotian looked surprised,Halfway through,Shut up immediately,Did not go on。
Because she thought it was incredible!
Six Prince Mili and King Ning、The King of Yue has always fought openly,Is the biggest competitor,City Knows。
Now the King Yue and the sixth prince have maintained a surprisingly consistent attitude towards this Wu Hao.,This is really abnormal!
Although this Wuhao has become famous recently,But he is just an outsider after all,The kind that has no foundation in God City,Easy to be calculated。
Then,Why is all this?
“Before defeating you,I also killed Wang Ce, the seed of Prince Ning’s Mansion。”Lu Menglin suddenly used a cold tone,Said。
Huang Shaotian couldn’t help but shudder,She almost forgot,Still talked a lot with this guy,This guy can’t kill anyone,He even dared to kill Wang Ce,Don’t you dare to kill me?

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