When the strength reaches a certain level,Power is the universal way to solve many problems,Those people are not taken seriously,Because they are too weak,Those high-level members of the red zone organization,All are mid-to-high-level power mutants,Truly statusless,Are weak!

Besides, Xiaojie has a hole card,This gives him an inexplicable self-confidence,He believes he will represent America,Become the idol of the first generation mutant。
The same becomes stronger,Not just Xiaojie,The influence of the red mist is for the unmutated,Still has a powerful role。
Liu Guofeng is the most obvious example,He is a pure warrior,He even resists becoming a mutant,But don’t doubt his power。
In the process of resisting becoming a mutant,His power has been greatly improved,It can even be called a leap。Maybe it is this resistance,Instead, it inspired his life potential。
After this macho has increased in strength,I look down on that idler Lu Menglin even more,If it wasn’t for staring at him,Protect him,Liu Guofeng thinks he will have more time to practice,Maybe it will become stronger。
He vaguely knew,Lu Menglin is also a warrior,I also served as an instructor in the Iron Lion army,But in Liu Guofeng’s view,That’s all in the past,Now he has felt,I can crush Lu Menglin in all directions in strength,The other party has passed away,If it wasn’t for that guy is too rich,Nothing at all。
From the current situation,All the members of the joint team have passed the adaptation test of the red zone,They have no so-called red zone reaction,Instead, they all improved their strength through the red zone。
“Are you going to hunt in the jungle??Take me one?”Lu Menglin stopped half of the face Wang Xi’an and his party,Said with a smile。
Wangxi Security Assistant,Looking at this rogue guy blocking the way,Just feel big for a while。
Because this guy never played cards according to common sense,Although I only came to the red zone for two or three days,But I’m already familiar with all of my subordinates。
“No way!Our hunting team has a clear division of labor,Bringing you will only drag us down!”Wang Xi’an sternly refused。
“Give money!Can i give money?One thousand dollars!Just take me around。You take this money,At least a few pieces of equipment can be added!Survival rate increased,Everyone has the best of both worlds。”Lu Menglin held the bank card with two fingers,Dangling in front of Wang Xi’an,That look is really shabby and cheap。

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