Qin Feng thinks of many dual enterprises,As long as you are not an idiot, you will not continue to follow this path。

I heard Qin Feng’s words,Tianguang said with a sigh of relief:“You understand,Those things are really not as simple as thought,If it doesn’t work well,It is possible that everyone will plant together。”
“This one。”Huang Junjie is also very afraid of these,He knows very well that the relationship cannot be reliable for a lifetime,So if these things are clear, it is the kingly way。
“In this case,Then we have nothing to consider,if
We leave here,Still can start over?”The sky light asked this question vaguely。
“This is God’s blessing to our village,It has nothing to do with the individual。”Qin Feng also cleverly answered。
Suddenly,Everyone knows it。
Huang Longwen is also a little helpless,He knew he was thankless this time,He quickly expressed his attitude。
“seriously,I’m not leading this matter,I have no way to lead,What do those people want,I’m helpless,I really want to show this。”
“I know,Since there is no way to protect our interests here,When the time comes, we will go to the town next door,How far is this?We go there every day to do things,Then come back by car。”
(End of this chapter)
Chapter VIII Somewhat flattered
Qin Feng’s understatement,He also doesn’t want to fight those people on his side,Anyway, if they change a place,Those people will follow unless they are so awesome。
No matter what the situation,Some things are also local,If once you leave this place,There is nothing that can change。

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