Businessmen have businessmen’s fights,Students also have student counterattacks。

Yao Yao leaned on a big tree outside the auditorium,Swing one leg down。
Someone was spying on Xiangyang not long ago,He got rid of them easily。
The people who appear next to Xiangyang are getting weaker and weaker,Yao Yao also knows that Yuan Zai Devil City Xiang Chen and Mo Mo succeeded,Just in a lazy afternoon,Yao Yao has a little worry in her heart…
Yan Xiaoyi sat at the front desk of the inn,Waiting for everyone to return;Han Genji and Wang Qianqian are walking on the pedestrian street holding hands;And Han Yuxiang is still busy with his work。
A prison in Europe,The place called the modern Bastille,Has the most closely guarded,It also has the strongest and tallest wall in Europe。
A place where no one can escape,The prisoner is naturally the most vicious criminal in the world。
“Evincent,Meet in this way,Is my greatest respect for you,I hope you don’t mind!”
Dark room,A middle-aged man dressed as a gentleman took off his top hat,This is considered to be in front of him,This iron mask seals the whole face,The greatest tribute to the person who is still fixed by a dozen iron chains,Although the face of the middle-aged man is still quite normal。
Ivincent shook the chain that locked his arm,I said hello to someone。In his opinion,The middle-aged person from a year ago is not worth seeing,But the purple flower picture on his neckline,But worthy of Evincent’s greetings。
Being added by dozens of torture instruments,Evincent wants to speak and there is no way to do it。
But the middle-aged man with the purple flower logo on the neckline is very considerate。
“I come this time,Nothing else,It’s just a special gift for Mr. Evincent。”

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