Chapter Two Hundred and Five Angel Yan’s intention
Juxia meeting room
Xin Zhao was brought in with a confused look,Then I saw the pure white——A pair of wings。
“Looks like this is your choice?German Star Gun!”Angel Yan saw Xin Zhao,The look on his face looks a little complicated。
Xin Zhao glanced at Angel Yan,Then look at Ducao sitting there、Lianfeng, Lena and Cheng Yaowen。
“Chief,What’s happening here,Yesterday, I didn’t fight with angels.,Why is it so harmonious today,This is not scientific!”
I heard Xin Zhao call himself chief,Ducao always has an inexplicable feeling,He thinks Xin Zhao is mocking himself。
“Xin Zhao,This is Angel Yan,You guys have seen it too,This time she came,Is asking us for help,In a harmonious and friendly spirit,We decided to send you on a business trip with her,what do you think?”
Business trip?
Xin Zhao blinked,Then look at Lena,At this moment, Lena smiled at him,Didn’t say anything。Xin Zhao had to look at Angel Yan“That one,Angel beauty,You ask me for help,Did you find the wrong person?,I’m just an ordinary German star gun,How about let me introduce you to Ge Xiaolun or Liu Chuang??With the power of these two,Can definitely help you,My weak strength,Don’t go over and hold you back!”
instinctive,Xin Zhao thinks Angel Yan is here,It won’t be a good thing,Then he directly refused。
Seeing Xin Zhao refused,Angel Yan’s face didn’t change at all,Du Kao’s face will change by then,Getting darker,Although his face is usually dark enough。
“Xin Zhao, this is an order,It’s not that you can mess around!”
“Damn,Old Du,That’s wrong, right,If you want me to go,I have to make things clear,Could it be that you sent me to die,I have to go too。
If you say let me fight against demons and gluttons on earth,I also recognize。
Things this angel can’t handle,Do you think my little arms and legs are past,Can it be done。”
When saying this,Xin Zhao really didn’t save any face to Duka Au,Let his black and purple face,Becomes the same as the bottom of the pot。
“Not bad,Have personality,Xin Zhao,Do you mind if we two chat separately?”Angel Yan sends an invitation to Xin Zhao。

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