Maza and Tian Lu looked around,Shouting“Harry”、One shouted“Starry sky!”,Both women were surprised。

After shouting,The two women looked at each other,Double ropes to bind hands and feet,Half to the ground,After seeing Ye Xingkong,,Stand up。
Feynak took the opportunity to push the two women aside,Let Zhang Cheng guard,He confronted Ye Xingkong head-on。
Feynak uses the language of the gray planet to confront Ye Xingkong,Rough old Shen asked viciously“Where’s the spaceship?”
Ye Xingkong clearly replied“In a very safe place。”
Fenak Road“You don’t send the spaceship,Never want to take these two women away。”
Ye Xingkong crossed Feynak calmly,A powerful fist knocked Zhang Cheng to the ground。When Feynak saw this and Ye Xingkong’s fist was invisible again, he fought fiercely again。

First143chapter rescue
A gleam of hope amidst the plight of Maza and Tianlu,After looking at each other,Will reach a consensus。
Jumping and holding the hard tool to cut the rope。Tian Lu is closer to a shard of glass,After stooping to cut the foot line,I’m about to untie the rope on Maza,Feynak, who was caught in a crack, took the opportunity to punch Tian Lu,Tian Lu crashed into the pillar,Two eyes。
Ye Xingkong exclaimed:“field—dew~!”
I was surprised to find that I broke through the vocal cords,Shouted Tian Lu。But now I don’t have time to pay attention to pronunciation,Sprint,Block and catch Feynak’s moves,After stabilizing Tian Lu,Turn around。
Feynak saw Ye Xingkong go to Futianlu,Turned around and kicked viciously at the unprotected Mazza,Feynak cursed with blushing eyes:“Those who don’t love me have to die—!”,The sound is deafening。
Roar,Kicked Mazza to the ground,Slip a few meters。

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