A little whistle,Just worth more than 20,000,It’s really made of Zisha。

“unfortunately,No signature,Otherwise this thing is at least 50,000。”Populus added。
Everyone can understand,Like a star poster,Signed and unsigned,The value is definitely different,One more signature,Value doubled,Even more than ten times。
Qi Hongye holding the box of ancient pill,Asked:“What about this pill?Does anyone collect this stuff??”
Someone guessed the truth in the live broadcast room:“What is the value of the pill?Really valuable,It should be that box?According to the previous plot,Looks like it didn’t run。”
“I guess so。”
as expected,Hu Yang smiled:“The elixir is useless,Have time to destroy,Not a good thing at first sight,I don’t know if it will kill me。But this box,Is the cloisonné enamel that we have encountered before,valuable。”
“Cloisonne enamel?”Get!Really don’t understand,Ye Mei。
Even 柰子 have heard of cloisonné enamel,In their japan,This process also has,It’s just not as exquisite as China’s,After all, it was only fur,Not much essence。
Jiezi told her roommate,Cloisonne enamel,Its production is generally in gold、Patterns are pinched out with gold or copper wires on the copper tire,Fill in various colors of enamel and then fired、Grind、Gold-plated and other processes。
Make it simple,Is the surface of copper,Coated with a layer of colored paint or something。
“You all know?”Ye Mei found out,I am the most ignorant person。
Xiaozi nodded:“This kind of craftsmanship also spread to our Japan,Just made things,Not so pretty。”
Ancient,Whether it is Japan,Still towards、Sun Peninsula,Or other surrounding countries,Stole a lot of Chinese craftsmanship。you can say so,Ancient China,Is the origin and center of the culture of East Asia。
Seeing the Japanese admit it,The pride of the audience in the live broadcast room soared,The grandparents created a glorious history,Leave them with a deep foundation,Envy people from other countries。

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