Look back,A boy about 21 years old,Standing by the road,Smile,Eyes look at her tenderly。

According to the standards of later generations,This boy is a small piece of meat that makes many girls greedy。
Piercing black eyes,Tall nose,A lip that is neither thin nor thick,Presented in a patchwork manner on a handsome face。
Wu Xiaorou felt a burst of joy for no reason,It’s like reuniting with the guy in front of me。
“Ok,Weekend,Know you are on holiday,Just come and see you。”
She suddenly said something like this,Even the brain didn’t have time to react,So shy。
“Let’s go,Go to grandpa’s house first。”
Wu Xiaorou’s shyness fell in the eyes of boys,He stepped forward,Talking softly,Take the bicycle armrest in Wu Xiaorou’s hand,Walked towards the small courtyard not far away。
“What’s wrong with me?”
Behind him,Wu Xiaorou asked herself from the bottom of her heart,She doesn’t understand,Why did I suddenly say such a sentence without shame。
“Is it,The sense of expectation just now is because of him?”
After a while,Just before stepping into Lei’s yard,She suddenly realized。
Isn’t this the Shen Yan in the memory of the original owner??
The original owner’s childhood sweetheart,Two little guessed him。
These days,Wu Xiaorou always feels a voice in her subconscious reminding herself,Must not forget him。

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