“To shut up!”

The man who brought Qin Feng forward scolded in disgust。
Qin Feng shrugged,An indifferent attitude。
“military adviser,I brought Jiang Min’s disciple!”The young man grumbled。
At this time Qin Feng also noticed the man who was called the military division by the man in the suit。
“Black brother?”
This is a black man,of course,There are actually a lot of black people around the world,So it’s not surprising to appear in an island country。But Qin Feng actually had some guesses.
Chapter One Hundred and Forty Nine Chateauroux
“this is,Gunshot wound?Sniper!”
Qin Feng briefly glanced at the members who fell on the ground,Judging directly from their wounds, this was caused by a sniper rifle。
When reacting, Qin Feng grabbed one of the members and used it as a shield.。
He doesn’t care if he is playing,After all, the surrounding environment is more suitable for hiding,So it’s normal to have a sniper hiding。
It’s just that Qin Feng didn’t get attacked when he ran with a group of three members.。
In other words,The snipers around here have retreated?

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