“Yep,It just so happens that my armor is ready,I also used the remaining materials to forge some armor robes,Please ask Master Zhao to sell me a good price。”Zhu Minglang said。

“no problem,Your craft can do,Wait for these gossips to pass,You are always welcome here。”Master Zhao Long said。
“I think it’s better not to come,What is the identity of the Valkyrie?,The entire Zulong city state admires her、I don’t know how many people admire her,Basically, they are high-ranking officials,If I knew he was in our shop,Where can our store be safe?。”The master said,He doesn’t want to provoke trouble。
“This is not a question of Zhu Minglang,Others are nice,I can only blame……”Zhao Long is a little bit upset for Zhu Minglang。
“Master Zhao,nothing,What the master said is fine,I can understand,Anyway, I came here mainly to cast an armor,Now done,You can also go。I sent it here to sell,Don’t forget to give me the money。”Zhu Minglang said very openly。
“Now these rumors are really killing people,A good young man,Just make people nowhere to be peaceful,What happened to the Valkyrie,Can’t the Valkyrie be affectionate with a good man like our Xiaozhu?,I think Xiaozhu is nice,Worthy!”Master Zhao Long said loudly。
just,His remarks caused a strange laugh from the people around,Especially the apprentice named Zhou Xin,He laughed loudest。
“Come on,He wished Ming Lang would not be worthy of his reincarnation。”Zhou Xin smiled more wanton。
“May Minglang have slept with the Valkyrie。”Don’t know who it is,Faintly said。
This sentence stopped the apprentices’ laughter immediately。
“I haven’t even seen it,The drawable Valkyrie is indeed beautiful……”
“I saw it at a celebration,Much more beautiful than the painting。”
Everyone chatting,The atmosphere gradually changed from mocking to gritted teeth!
why,This kind of good thing didn’t fall on me,Why did they cast iron here at that time,Why didn’t you think of going to the wasteland and swaying around?!
I wish Minglang walk along the street to outside the Bang Wall,Although you can’t see the randomly posted portraits on the bustling main street,But when I walk into the alleys,More than wanted drawing paper,Some people are still copying,I’m afraid I can’t promote this face。
It’s so idle!
I guess those Huadan singing songs,Tou Kui in the painting boat,I’m not so popular,Really overnight,Everyone knows the identity of the tramp who has been circulating for a long time,His name is Zhu Minglang!

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