The local news is playing on TV,Suddenly a familiar scene appeared,Rushing down the river,Citizens running in panic,Where is the bottom of the river bed…

“dad!How are you and dahei?”Xiao Xiao screamed,Old Xiao couldn’t help but move his body forward。
The camera starts to move,Shaking very badly,I don’t know if the shooter is unprofessional,Still scared by this sudden big river。In the picture,Suddenly Xia Jian appeared,Which skill is simple is too fast,Save black,Save Old Xiao,And being driven by a huge wave,Da Hei was washed away by water,Presented one by one,Xia Jian also shrank into a ball,I was just thinking about saving people,I didn’t even consider that the situation was so dangerous.。
The screen is over,The host started talking:“Audience friends,Today’s flood,In our Bucheon city, it can be said to be a rare encounter in a century,Our anti-information work in Bucheon City has undergone severe tests,Deeds of heroes saving people and dogs,Is worth learning from every citizen,If someone finds this hero,Please contact our TV station quickly”
Bar!The news is not over,Xiao Xiao turned off the TV,Two lines of tears flowed down her handsome face:“dad!Such a big thing happened,Why don’t you tell me,The relationship between our father and daughter,Has it reached this point?”
“What’s so crying,I’m not dead,Hurry up and call the TV station to ask,Who did it blindly,To report,Can you be more professional”Old Xiao has a serious face。
Xiao Xiao sat down,Drew two papers,Wiped away the tears,Took a breath and said:“As long as you are okay,It’s a pity that Da Hei has been with you for so many years,But don’t feel sorry for Da Hei anymore,It did this to save Xiao Hei,The second is Zhien Illustrated News,Really a rare good dog”
“Bastard,It is a dog,Not a dog,How many times have i told you,Can’t remember,Don’t come to me again”Old Xiao suddenly became angry,Shocked Xia Jian who was sitting on the side,The old man’s temper is too big,Fortunately, his own biological woman,If this is for someone else,Who can stand it,But you must pay attention to this name from now on。
Xiao Xiao lowered his head aggrievedly,But I kept saying:“Sorry dad,my fault,Big black is a dog,Not a dog”
Old Xiao closed his eyes,As if recalling his past with Da Hei,Xiao Hei in his arms,Suddenly jumped down,Pounced on Xia Jian’s lap,Keep sniffing,I still make a hmm sound in my mouth。
“It wants you to hold it”Xiao Xiao glanced at Xia Jian and said。
So this little guy meant this,It seems people who have raised dogs know。Xia Jiangang bent over,Xiao Hei jumped on his arm,Keep rubbing his head,Feel very close,This little guy also knows that Xia Jian is its lifesaver,It’s really too spiritual。
“Ugh!Sorry just now,I don’t know you are my dad’s savior,How offended,I don’t know what your name is?What for,Can you introduce“Xiao Xiao said to Xia Jian with a smile on his face,This woman is really fast,If she didn’t save her dad,,It seems that people will ignore him,Pretty woman heard that wayward,I didn’t expect to be even more arrogant。
Beauty asks his name,Don’t mention how happy Xia Jian is,But to introduce yourself,Xia Jian is in trouble。He felt that Xiao Xiao was a little deliberate,When he just walked in,Old Xiao seems to have called their names,But no one will remember his name。
Xiao Xiao hesitated to see Xia Jian,Refuse to introduce yourself,Unhappiness inevitably flows in my heart,But she just frowned slightly,Then he glanced at Old Xiao with his eyes closed,Lowered the voice,Talk to Xia Jian:“We go outside“This time it feels like an order,She didn’t wait for Xia Jian to respond,Turn around and go out first。
Xia Jian follows Xiao Xiao,Thinking,This woman is too arrogant,I can’t whisper to her,Anyway, there is Lao Xiao backing,Besides, Old Xiao doesn’t seem to wait to see her。

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