Time goes by,Leo is finally exhausted,Green Bull dragged Leo ashore。

“Time is one hundred and fifty-seven minutes!”See this time,Leo frowned。
He Zefa set him 134 minutes,There is a huge gap。
“It seems this is not my limit,I can go a little deeper!”Leo secretly conjectured。
This kind of consumption does not mean that you can consume stamina by carrying dozens of tons of weight.,That is to crush oneself instead of stamina。
Take out two small aquatic life essences,Leo convinced,Quick recovery of physical strength,Leo can even clearly feel that his body is getting stronger again。
Same as when we first did deep sea training,That obvious progress。
“My recovery time is fast!”Leo couldn’t help but smile。
After he ate the essence of life,After only three minutes, I feel that my body is almost the same,As for physical exhaustion,This can be relieved by surgery fruit。
just,Leo didn’t do this。
Zefa told him before。
“Now you are for cultivation,Whether it is consuming physical strength or restoring physical strength, it is a kind of promotion to the body,Your ability to use the fruit is restored naturally without negative effects,But it also leaves you one less chance to exercise!”
and so,Leo didn’t hang up like before,But lying quietly on the ground,Waiting for the body to recover,This recovery is not physical strength but fatigue。
“The complete recovery time is about forty minutes,Relatively close,But almost!”Leo is helpless with this number,He can’t deceive himself,How much the body should be。
“Teacher Zefa’s vision is really accurate!”Leo secretly admired,Just seeing him exercise once can see his limit。

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