“Ugh,When you are also lucky!”

Liang Shi Yan sighed。
What is prepared last night??
Is the raid is not perfect??
The war is not brave enough.?
In fact, Zhou Jun has already done everything you should do.,Only,Live to the old days。
Come to Nancheng overlooking the Yellow River“Heangguan”,Already become a ruin!Chengguan is no longer,Shazhou is also flushed from the river.,The area of Heyang Guan suddenly smashed a lot.。
Poor is also some residual stones in the central center of the sand.,Woodwork,Deeply tied into the mud。these things,For attacking North China City,Meaningless。
They even hindered from the South City to the North Shore!
Heyang three towns,It is indeed attacked by himself.,However,Old Master opened a joke,Directly rushing the Heyang。Cut the dream of the Mengjin supply line,Completely destroy,And no matter how many soldiers,Also changed this fact!
The purpose of Zhou Jun,It is barely that you don’t have to worry about the solitude of the week, attack the Week Jun Food Road.。If you have a victory of this battle with casualties,Zhou Jun can say that it is a defeated!
And the death is brave and elite。If not elite,How can I enter the building?“Assault team”Woolen cloth?
Just when Liang Shi Yan is imagined,The leaders attracted dozens of full-body yellow mud,The head is fascinated to himself,Argade:“General,We saved these brothers on the shore,others,I am afraid of already……Duodo。”
Liang Shi Yan found these people,There is still a very familiar bias.,So warmly pulled the opponent’s side of the mud:“General Li,What happened last night??”
Liang Shi Yan did not participate directly in the siege,He squats 20,000 people,Obviously it is impossible to be like a battle,On the horizontal knife。
The deputy name of Li surname will be weak against Liang Shi Yan.,Heusolic:“last night,Let’s in accordance with the command of the general,Make local fishermen,Opened the ship to avoid those shares and reefs,Going to Heyang。
The general said that the landlord hit the river river river gate,At the end, I will observe it.,It seems that there is much different from the top of the landlift.,Even still short,So according to the command of the general,Direct or order to hit the boat。
really,Qi Jun has no preparation,We can’t kill us.。”
This is very good,How to capture the riverside,How to take a large team to escape with most teams,How do they drive Qi Jun, such as the city?,Telling with Liang Shiyan 151tt 10。
seriously,These are all exactly the same as Liang Shiyan.。
It can be said that this war is handled.,There is no responsibility at all。
“We took advantage of Qi Jun in the Qingming City,It is going to win the chasing,Attack the North China City。I didn’t expect to suddenly sound.,A wooden pile under the city’s base is actually broken.。This is also the last place to understand。
Then we have no time to escape.,City Guan began to tilt,Then collapse。The surrounding houses are also collapsed.,Water is everywhere。The end will fall into the water,I don’t know how much water,Dizzy。After waking up, I found myself on a big wooden.……”
I heard the description of this Li surname,Liang Shi Yan feels that he has mastered the secret of Chengguan collapse.。Exterior wall outside South City,Where is the sandy sand of the wall?,seem……There is also an answer。
He is a timely gas,I can’t really break the big!
Unlike this ignorant guy,He thought that the sand of the river,One strength of the soil on the shore?
When the dried water, I didn’t feel a little mason.,Once the water is increased,Those water will desperately desperately dig!
Finally, it was hit by the building boat.,As long as a ground wood pile falls,The rest will soon be supported!
Liang Shi Yan suddenly thought of a strange problem。
If you don’t attack the city tonight??
Solites yourself in Heyang,Will not……Die in your sleep?
have to say,This possibility is indeed,Not small。So say last night’s tragedy,It’s really not the solitary message deliberately,Can only say that he is forced to,Don’t dare to go out of Heyang Three Town to get the soil reinforcement city defense,So, I will play the idea of the Central Sassoon of the River.。
did not expect……Give the brave and fearless week to pit!
Liang Shi Yan has some want to cry without tears。The key is,This battle is really not good to explain Yu Wen.。

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