Don’t care about face,Li Tianchou stood up and walked into the hall,“Uncle Hai,My uncle is not angry, right?”

Bald Hai glanced at Li Tianchou with the big tea mug,“Why is he angry?”
“Uh,Because the conversation between me and him was not pleasant。”Li Tianchou bites his head,The voice is also suppressed a lot。
“happy,How unpleasant。”Bald Hai took a sip of tea,I raised my neck and rinsed my mouth a few times,He threw it all up on the ground again,Seems intentional。“Shrimp Road,Crab has crab way。Everyone has aspirations,We can’t do this,Although I can’t get on the table,But never belittle yourself。”
Boring again,Hai Bald’s words sound boring,But Li Tianchou was moved in his heart,A bald man is never angry at random,But to remind myself。
“Your uncle is not angry,But there are some issues you have to think about。”Hai bald child added,Dropped the tea mug and went straight out。
Xiao Song Wenyan,Looked curiously,Li Tianchou smiled and waved his hand,Sign it’s okay,Then sat back on the rock。After annoyance and frustration,He gradually calmed down,The dizziness was not because of anger、fell shame,And Hai Bale’s words further clarify the point of the problem。
He suddenly realized that Uncle Geng’s anger had deeply touched something deep in his heart,Self-esteem??Seems not appropriate enough。Can be more accurate,It should be a very orthodox thing I have followed for many years,Never dared to cross the thunder pond,But I was so utterly criticized by this sentence,That thing has a noun called values。
Ok,Just such a thing。Li Tianchou murmured and nodded,It’s not good,But it hits the right place。Just imagine,I look down on myself,What else can be done?The so-called self-confidence is nothing more than blind impulse。No wonder Uncle Geng is angry、Don’t worry。
understood,Li Tianchou’s mind is empty,No matter where he is,Bright heart is the most important thing。He jumped up from the stone,Confidently walked to the backyard。But now there is a loud noise behind me,He turned his head,Peng Weihua, everyone is back,Far away from the door, but it has become a mess。
Chapter Two Hundred and Thirty Eight Reunion
Li Tianchou looked at these people,Five flavors in the heart,Maybe in the near future,He will stand with them in a true sense,Advance and retreat together,Even to death。
Many of them have special skills,Rebellious,Li Tianchou knows this well。And apart from a few people like Peng Weihua,He is not familiar with most other people,There are even a few who have never met,So in a short time,It’s very difficult to really blend in。
But whoever it is,As long as you are in this collection, you must obey the overall situation,Those who don’t accept it must be reformed。Ok,Is to transform,According to what Uncle Geng once said,Should be understood like this。Li Tianchou repeated this idea in his heart,Resolutely turned and walked into the backyard。
The front yard suddenly became a lot of lively,The ones who can come back are basically there,Even Nie Tao and Zhang Wen, who have not shown up, also appeared in front of everyone。
After a fight,Everyone wanted to see Uncle Geng in the backyard,But without exception, Hai Tianzi stopped him。The reason is not suitable,But it makes sense,Many people come back,I have to prepare a lot of food,So I have to help with work first。In order to increase persuasiveness,Bald Hai is really moving this time,Brought out a few jars of old wine to show off,Everyone applauded,So the yard is even more messy,The so-called helping is worse than not helping,Laughter,From time to time there are a few words of women’s curses。
after a long time,The sky has dimmed,Li Tianchou helped Uncle Geng walked out of the backyard,Followed by a limping eastward。Three people showed up at the same time, making everyone startled,Especially Uncle Geng stood in front of everyone for the first time after he fell ill,Everyone was shocked,More joy。
Uncle Geng’s health improved,This is the common reaction of everyone,Peng Weihua first shouted excitedly,“uncle!”,Then came Xiao Song, crying for joy,Leaning on Uncle Geng’s shoulder and choking。
“All right,Girl。hungry,Can i have dinner?”Uncle Geng patted Xiao Song’s head lovingly,Calm tone,I can’t tell you are sick。

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