“There are as many guards in one direction,But the northeast corner is closest to the direction out of the city,It’s better to break through there!”

Chen Xiu madly rushed towards the northeast corner,But when the front wall is blocking the way,He just overcame the wall。
Li Chun led people all the way to chase,They don’t have the speed and jumping ability of Chen Xiu,Had to walk over the wall,This speed is reduced,Suddenly Chen Xiu left two dark lanes。
“3Group attention,Xia Ren passed to your side!”Li Chun picked up the walkie-talkie and shouted。
Chen Xiu rushed to the alley in the northeast corner,I saw more than a dozen soldiers lined up,When you see yourself appear, you just pull the trigger,So scared that Chen Xiu just jumped over the wall,Run into a multi-story home。
“team leader,Xia Ren ran into a residential house!”3The group leader picked up the walkie talkie to report。
“Surrounding residential buildings,Don’t act without authorization,Wait for my support!”
Chen Xiu kicked open the door of the residential building,I saw six Annan people,Two old men、Two middle-aged people、Two kids,It’s probably a family,Huddled together shivering。
Chen Xiu who I saw broke in,That middle-aged man protects his family behind him,Speaking a string of An Nan words to Chen Xiu begging,Chen Xiu didn’t understand either,It is estimated that the other party regards himself as a robber,Try hard to beg yourself not to hurt his family。
“I am not a bad guy!”Chen Xiu waved his hand and said。
But I was at a loss to see the other party,Chen Xiu knew that his Chinese counterpart didn’t understand a word。
“Where is your kitchen?”Chen Xiu tried to say it in Chinese,The other party is still at a loss。
Chen Xiu sighed,Secretly think:“So the teacher didn’t lie to me,It’s really important to learn a foreign language well!”
“Are you from summer?”A little girl hiding behind the middle-aged man asked milky voice in Chinese。
Chen Xiu was surprised:“Little sister,You can speak chinese?”
“The foreign language of our school is Chinese,I can have some simple conversations!”

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