Everyone just sat down,Just hear the door ring,Zhang Teng laughed and walked in。

First2117chapter First encounter
“President Xia!Manager Xiao!You are really distinguished guests!”Zhang Teng said,Chao Xiajian reached out。
As the saying goes,People are happy when they are happy。Zhang Teng is really different from before。Not only has his mental outlook changed a lot,Even dressed in a Tang suit。
“Is it good now!A city。Parked so many cars,I can see that the business is good”Xia Jian said,Reach over,Shook hands with Zhang Teng。
Zhang Teng and Xia Jian finished shaking hands,Shook hands with everyone again。Of course Xia Jian also introduced Luo Yi,But he only said Luo Yi is his friend。As for Luo Yi’s identity,He didn’t explain。Because he felt,Some things are better not to be explained。
Zhang Teng shook hands with everyone,Only then returned to Xia Jian,He smiled and said:“There can be such a scene now,It’s all about taking care of face。In addition, Mr. Xiongyi’s participation,Some of his resources are”
“That’s good。I come tonight,One is to play with you,Heiwa may have told you another thing”Xia Jian said,Lowered the voice。
Heiwa nodded and said:“Nothing,I have arranged。You eat first,Finished waiting for Du Sanniu to arrive,I will arrange for you to meet again。But don’t worry,He doesn’t dare to be presumptuous with me”
“I hope he is presumptuous,I feel uncomfortable these days,Just want to move”Xi Zhen rushed to say,She also pulled up the sleeves。
Zhang Teng has a look,Can’t help but smile:“The female players that President Xia brought over tonight,Everyone seems to be amazing,But I can’t fight here”
Zhang Teng’s voice just fell,The waiter has started serving,Zhang Teng hurried away。Xia Jian originally asked Lin Wei to order,But Zhang Teng didn’t follow Xia Jian’s intention,But served a table of hearty meals。But a few dishes are local special wild vegetables,You can eat such dishes in this season,Really good。
Luo Yi as a Southerner,Now I’m eating northern food,She eats so much。Xiao Xiao’s mood has also become better,Keep holding vegetables to Luo Yi。
Dragon Ball and Xi Zhen have to drive,So the two of them didn’t drink。But Lin Wei is different,She is carrying a wine bottle,Greeting Xia Jian and Luo Yi。And Xiao Xiao tweeted that she was feeling sick recently,So Luo Shao。Heiwa knows his responsibility,So although I took the wine glass,But he shouldn’t let it go。
Three women in a play,What’s more, there are so many women here。The scene is really lively,Everyone was eating delicious meals,Chatting。
Xia Jian’s face is always smiling,But he knew,What he will do next。Pleasant time is always fast。When the first bottle of liquor is finished,He glanced at his watch,Found it’s a quarter past eight。
So he stood up quietly,Walk out the door。These women chat,They talked from eating to shopping,The more you talk, the happier,Xiao Xiao and Luo Yi also joined in。
Xia Jiangang walked outside,Heiwa has followed from behind。He whispered:“President Xia!Meet someone like this,No need to bring many people,Just two of us”

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