Xia Jian said,Took a quick look at Wang Lin。Wang Lin nodded at him slightly,Means you can meet。

Zhou Li on the phone heard Xia Jian agreed,He immediately said with a smile:“Let’s stay in the Southern Suburb Manor!There is my property,And where to watch it snow,Should be very beautiful”
“Ok!See you at the Southern Suburb Manor,Let’s just watch the snow,So stop eating or drinking”
Xia Jian sneered coldly,Hung up the phone。
First2615chapter Snow scene
Southern Suburb Manor,In the southernmost suburb of Bucheon,Imitation European Architecture。In the middle is a small wooden building,Fields all around。
Heiwa drove Xia Jian’s Bao Shijie,Drove unimpeded all the way into the gate of the southern suburbs manor,When their car got in,The security guard on duty also stood up and bowed to them。I feel that people have long known that such a car will come in。
When Bao Shijie stopped gently in front of the small wooden building,Immediately a beautiful girl ran over and said:“President Xia, please go to the third floor,Mr. Zhou is waiting for you。The driver, please go to the guest room on the first floor to rest”
Girl finished,So I took Xia Jian to the third floor。at this time,The snowflakes in the sky are getting bigger and bigger,So that you can’t see the surrounding scenery。Xia Jian walking on the stairs of the small wooden ladder,Listening to the creaking sound,He seems to have entered a fairy tale world。
To the third floor,Girl opens a door,Turn sideways and say:“Mr. Xia, please come inside,Mr. Zhou is here”
Xia Jian just stepped into the door,I heard the door squeak shut。If the big room,The decor is very warm。What surprised Xia Jian most was the potted flowers in the corner.,There is a pot with flowers。This in winter,It’s really precious。
suddenly,Xia Jian found out that there was a heater in this room。It’s the kind of constant temperature,Not the hot air from the air conditioner。
“How come!The snow on the road is too thick,The car is not easy to drive!I’m waiting in a hurry”
With a gentle and pleasant voice,Zhou Li lazily stood up from the sofa in front of the floor-to-ceiling glass。Xia Jian discovered,Zhou Li was lying on the sofa,So when he walked in, he didn’t see her at all。
Zhou Li came over,This woman wore a dress like pajamas,Looks very soft,And beautiful clothes that show her curve。Big winter,Zhou Li’s two white legs are exposed,Even his red nails with nail polish can be seen on his feet。
“are not you cold?This is the total winter week。If you catch a cold and get sick,I’m afraid you will regret the bidding”
Xia Jian smiled,Eyes swept across Zhou Li’s white chest。he does not know,The neckline of this dress is so big,Or that Zhou Li did it on purpose。In short, where is the scenery she is very charming。
Zhou Li smiled sweetly and said:“It’s okay to be sick!As long as you stay with me,It doesn’t matter if you bid or not”
Zhou Li said,Reached out and took off Xia Jian’s coat,Turned and hung on the hanger behind。Till then,Xia Jian just felt it was hot in this house,No wonder Zhou Li is not afraid of the cold when dressed like this。

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