Xi Zhen take a look,And whispered to Xia Jian:“Are these people having problems with their heads?,Drinking beer on such a cold day“Xi Zhen said,I couldn’t help but tremble。

Xia Jian glanced at her,Said with a smile:“This is just the beginning,You two have to learn everything to adapt。Regardless of the climate,Still diet,Have to go to the countryside。The chicken will come up later,You are welcome,We have to add energy“
“Don’t worry about Xia!I’ve already prepared。People can live on,Why can’t we“Han Juan smiled playfully at Xia Jian,Looks so cute。
Xi Zhen still has no confidence,She grinned and said:”Don’t patronize and get addicted,Wait a while and I want to see,How do you two eat up“
Her voice just fell,A plate of chicken nuggets and stewed potatoes was brought up。Xia Jian said nothing,Eat chopsticks。But to be honest,This may be a feature of this place,The stew is really good。Xi Zhen tentatively ate a piece,Then I started eating。
When the other dishes are served,A large plate of chicken is not much left。Three joking on purpose,Rushed to eat。The people sitting at other tables look very envious。After all a man,With two beautiful women,This is really eye-catching。
Bang,The wine bottle on the table opposite Xu was poured。One of the big men is holding a wine glass,Chao Xiajian came to this table。Han Juan clenched her fists subconsciously。
“Do not impulse,I will deal with“Xia Jian whispered。
The big man approached,Smiled at Xi Zhen:“Sister came from the south!Real Water Spirit,So likable。Or move to our table,Drink two cups with my brother“
“Thanks for kindness!My girl never drinks,Besides, she is afraid of life,You will scare her like this“Xia Jian smiled slightly,Said to the big guy。
The big man looks straight up,Roar coldly:“Go aside!Didn’t call you again“
“You didn’t call me,But she is my sister,So I’m okay!“Xia Jian is still patient。
At this moment,The other three companions of the eldest son also came over,With alcohol,With a fierce face,I’m here to make trouble。Other people eating,Not only do not run away but not dissuade,Instead, knocking on the table aroused interest。It seems that they don’t make things big,They are not happy。
The big guy saw so many people watching,And where Xi Zhen sits, not only does he move,,He didn’t even look at it,This makes him very embarrassed。
“Sister!Brothers just want to invite you to accompany us to drink and drink,Isn’t this face-saving??“The big man said,By Jiujin,Stretched his hand over,Prepare for La Xizhen。
Xi Zhen just blocked her right hand,Just listen to the big man howling like a pig,It turned out that the back of his hand stretched over,Inserted a toothpick。Xi Zhen is ruthless,Who took a few steps back at once。
The other three have a look,Hurried back,Each person exercises a chair,Pounced again。The atmosphere in the house is extremely tense,Seeing a big battle is inevitable。Xia Jian pushed away the chair under his hips a bit,Ready to fight。

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