Outside the cave,Wu Heng saw Gan Yifan come out,Twitched the corner of the mouth,Say:“I also change the wet clothes。”

He didn’t actually want to say this,He heard the conversation between the two inside,Don’t know what to say,Seeing Gan Yifan, he was afraid of laughing。
Change out of wet clothes,Xu Wan hasn’t shown up yet,He thought about it:“It takes at least an hour or two for them to come and go,Less than half an hour now,Not come back so soon。You want to practice is near here,Don’t go far,I go back to the original hole and wait。correct,Don’t take off your watch while practicing,If there is something,So as to inform you in time。”
“Sandworms should not come in。”Gan Yifan is not so sure。
“just in case,Just three of us,Be careful。”
“In addition,Xu Wan is a girl,Girls are different from boys,Don’t speak straight,Easy to cause misunderstanding,Think about it,Try to be tactful。”
“Girls are so troublesome。”Gan Yifan muttered。
Wu Heng returns to the original grotto,Sit down on the rock wall near the entrance,You can see the entrance to the platform when you look up,He took a deep breath,Experience a breath that is completely different from the outside world。
“It seems that you can practice here without water。”
In the past, the practice was either soaking the whole body in water,Or just dip your palms in the water,Strengthen the water element in the body by absorbing moisture。
But not needed here。
concentrate,Can absorb water directly from the air,Compared with bubbling and absorbing water vapor in the water and then converting the water vapor into water by the water exercise method, one step is omitted.,And the absorbed water element is more refined。
He quickly immersed。

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