After a few words in your teeth,Summer closed eyes,A deep breath,Forced way to converge。
Open again,The dark scorpion has no fluctuations。
“I go out for http://www.yifeng8.cn a while。”He stood up and went out,No mood to hide your emotions,“I am going to kill!”this moment,Summer hate can not kill these murders,Let them live a second, they are in crime.!
NS320chapter Hitly
Longhu Hospital,Underground five floors。
The space here is very,Decoration http://www.sjtu-ihs.cn luxury,Wan as a underground fortress,Amazing lights,No feeling of feeling。
Dragon Tiger Chair,Yan Jian is lending the leaf。
In the hall,Work members wearing white coat are busy,Keep shuttle。
“Miss Miss,This is my research center,How do you feel??”
Yan Jian’s white side smiled and looked softly,The eyes are very casual, and they follow.,Mu Shi with bodyguard,Laugh again。
“I am here is the latest synthetic goods.,纯度超过如今国内外流通的任何一种……”
“Feel http://www.feiyuehx.cn sorry,I lost.,Pick with a phone call。”Yan Jian’s apology,“Miss Miss please visit。”
“Mr. Yan please。”
Treat him,The leaves are gentle and shameful.,Not talking,There is no casual walking。
The two are sitting nearby。
More than 20 minutes,Yan Jian is once again smiling and returns,“Let the lady have been waiting,Just tonight, I will hold a seater here.,Please be sure to enjoy light。”
Here,The leaves are soft and smiled.。
Next,The one-page did not leave the underground space,Instead, I went to the previous floor.,Enter a hall。
The hall is very space,There are many people.,Male men and women have more than one hundred people。

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