Undequate driver fell,This man is single-handed,Two people brought into the car in the moment,The driver rolls down in the co-pilot position.,Unconscious。

Almost at the same time,After the door opens,Drilling a young woman。
All this happens very fast,Is a blink of an eye。
Liu Qingqing is shocked,The next consciousness is to struggle,Maybe,Her whole arm lost perception,A bun。
“Don’t move。”
Women next to the woman,The eyes of the eyes,It is like looking at an ant http://www.tutechangdaogou.cn height.。
“you,Who are you??
The shoulder was poked.,Whole arm lost perception……This matter,Former words,Liu Qingqing will feel very strange。
But with the summer.,She very much understand,This is similar to the point in martial arts.。
She has asked the summer after leisure.,So-called points,There is no magical in film and television.,Just a way,Just like qi and blood,Produce a numb,As long as three or five minutes,There is no effect。
“It is a camera everywhere.,You must be taken down.,If you are now,I just didn’t happen.……”
After encountering summer,Liu Qingqing also experiences several dangerous times,Be unrest,But try to convince each other as much as possible,Avoid yourself hurt。
“hehe,We dare to do,Nothing is not afraid。”
Young woman laughing,Between the eyes, it is not a contempt of injection.,Subsequently http://www.055411.cn to the front man,“drive。”
Car restart,But when a grinding point in front,Turn a big bend,Go up。
Young woman exploring two fingers,It’s like a mirror snake.,Once again, you should be in Liu Qingqing’s shoulder.,“Liu Miss,I want you to see it.,We are not mortal,You don’t want to struggle,otherwise……”
There is no left.,Threat is self-evident。
Liu Qingqing is pale a bit,“Who are you??”
escape,It can’t escape.,Car window,Even if you call someone else, it is difficult to hear,I can only find ways to save。
this moment,Liu Qingqing has given a remorseful heart for the first time.。
Originally at the morning,Summer call,If you don’t have to pick her up,But Liu Qing is afraid of impact,So refused。
If the summer is here,How can the other party?。
But she still has a lucky http://www.scgcsl.cn luck.。
In her opinion,These two people kidnap themselves,Not for money,That is,Just try to make yourself not hurt,Everything is some hope。
Moreover,If you don’t see yourself,Summer will be perceived。
to be honest,She can face so calm,Still built on the confidence in the summer。
Especially after her insights in Silk after the summer and the war,In her subconscious,Summer is better than superman。

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