The more now,In fact, here,Shen Xuan itself,It has been probably understood。

Treat this,At this time, Shenxuan is not intentional.。
“Although things have been,But this thing,Secondary。”
“First investigate,See who is looking at us??”
When Shen Xuan said with his eyes,This is the people around you,It is completely a long to try。
But the more you now,In fact, for Shen Xuan,Shen Xuan now,It is clear that it is more clear than anyone.。
As for Shen Xuan,It is very calm,Continue to say。
“Although things have been,But now,Still first arrange。”
When Shen Xuan said,Those people around are all what they have to do。
Chapter 1114, Wu Dingtao
Wujia,Arrange this matter。
Wu Dingtao looked at the eyes,The expression on his face is even more proud of a bit.。
“Although I don’t want to say this.,but now,Since they have already done this,So if you don’t take this time, give them a little color.,That is not too small.?”
When Wu Ding Tao’s sight moves slightly,The next consciousness looks at the eye。
Wu Ding Tao,Surroundings,What is even more, the more I feel very funny?。
Although things have been,But from now on,Wu Dingtao at this time,It is the front side of the eye.,It is very proud of performance。
“Ha ha,Although let them go to toss,Anyway, now,In fact, there is not much impact。”
When Wu Ding Tao said,Others are here to see here,It is a nodes。
After all, now,Such a thing,What should I do?。
In fact, do something else,It is completely nothing to say at all.。
And look at these,At this time, Wu Ding Tao’s consciousness looks at the eyes.,Subsequently。
“but,This Shenxuan,It is really a trouble,If you don’t hurry, you will solve him.,Then,What is not good?。”
When Wu Dingtao’s words say,The people around you each other。
In fact, these things is currently,Their heart,It is more clear than anyone.。
So from the current,Such a thing,How should I handle this thing?。
In fact, their hearts,Why don’t you understand??
The more now,In fact, for them,deep in the heart,It is some jumps to try。
After all, I will follow it.,Such a thing,How to deal with it?。
In fact, their hearts,It is more clear.。
“In fact,Let’s say so much,There is no use in the root of the root.,Still think about something else,Treated these thoroughly。”
“That’s right,In fact, I am thinking about thinking.,Can still be found,Such a thing,In fact, from itself,It is inevitable。”
“In fact, I think so.,Just feel,It seems that it has been coming.。”
Before you,With these people,You have said that I am talking here.。
But this time,Wu Dingtao is not so optimistic.。
“Everyone thinks,this matter,Is it really so simple??”
When Wu Ding Tao saw this,Wu Dingtao at this time,The whole person is not just sighing here.。
And in front of Wu Ding Tao,Surroundings,It’s brushing to look at this side.。
After all, this thing is,In fact, their hearts,It is not completely thought of。
so,When these people are curious,Brush to look at this side。

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