“Nice,Now there is not much young man who knows http://www.zgyjlmw.cn the maternal armor.,You have just taken out from the Song Berlin……And before they said that you are still trapped in the peach forest.,Hehehe,Nice,Very nice。”

There are few more complicated between the summer look.。
Because the two sides,He listens to the ear。
No polite, he wants him。
It is really too much.。
Especially in front of you,Actually called……Summer is notble!Summer surname!“Senior……”“Let’s go with me.,If you have anything to go back?。”
Summer, no one interrupted him,拄 拄 双,Emit。
The two are opposite each other again.,Silently follow。
All the way,Three people didn’t say a word。
Hundreds of meters away,I quickly saw a solitary wooden hospital.。
Enter the wooden hospital,Summer http://www.coilnail.cn is not awkward without greeting two people。
But let them wait for the stone table in the hospital.。
She is an entry into the right side of the house.。
After a moment,Two stainless steel small pots,One of the pieces of a white rice,Skating half basin water。
She also sits on the other side of the stone table,Start just like an old woman。
At the same time, I will ask,“Is this your true look??”
Summer is very calm,Spiral face bones come to 噼噼啪 啪,Muscle creeping,Soon recovery。
Summer is no surprised,“It’s actually a dispenser,Young people are not simple.。”
Spin,She stared at the summer.,“What is your name??”
My name is summer,And your same surname。”
Summer also in the observer’s micro-face。
However, he disappointed。
There is no fluctuation between http://www.mmyibao.cn the summer unique look.,Just a little smile,Turn around to Victoria。
Transfer,She strives to hide the excitement of the scorpion,I am afraid of being discovered by the summer.。
“You……It’s a foreigner。”
After seeing Victoria to tear the mask,Summer is not very surprised。
She also started carefully,Victoria。
Especially in her face,And the hips are sweeping。
This kind of eyes let Victoria have a layer of chicken bumps.。
Let Victoria feel that there is no temper.。
Summer is no one,Instantly make her a stiffness,Be strike。
“Do you have children??”
Summer Wuji once again observed Victoria’s face,Brow,Some strange road,“Your eyebrow is not open,Why is it still a young??
First1942Chapter Love expert summer is not

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