The brawny stared at the boy weirdly,This little guy who didn’t know where he came from,Except for a rag around his waist,Red fruit,It’s a good fit,Although it doesn’t look burly,But from top to bottom, muscles full of explosive power,Make people dare not take it lightly。

“Are you under Hedian?Why did you make it like this??”
“I?My master is Huo Tianzun,As for what palace,It should be the Holy Fire Hall。”Juvenile Sanity、Memory has long been restored,There are still a lot of mess left by the fire spirit in my head,I haven’t sorted it out for a while。
The brawny was surprised,It’s not like you’re bragging,He naturally knew that Huo Tianzun did accept a mortal disciple not long ago,Although there is no apprenticeship ceremony,But things spread all over the island,Then it was silent,Except that the main hall of the main peak is closed,Can hardly hear any news from this mortal disciple,And all rumors,Today’s battle is related to Huo Tianzun and the newly-acquired disciples。
“Take this seriously?Don’t deceive me!”Although the strong man has believed three points,But it matters,This time the imperial court led by Donghua Palace besieged Wuxing Island,Although the main attack direction is on the gate of the large formation above the main peak,However, there are also harassment and attacks in several key positions of the big array.,Because the range is too large,Is likely to be mixed in by opponents,The general manager has repeatedly warned everyone to be careful,The brawny dare not be light,So I asked,Someone nearby started paying attention to this strange boy。
“I did not lie to you,Except for the master,The only friend I know is Wu Ju,And i just came up from below,Don’t know what happened?”The boy reached out and pointed to the center of the basin below the mountain。
“Speak without proof,What do you make me believe?”Strong man talking,Suddenly waved and shouted,“Surround him!”
Four or five people in grey robes immediately surrounded the youth group in Sakon,Their spiritual power is not high,But all of them are powerful,A red flame is embroidered on the left chest,The weapons in the hands are all light and uniform***,The teenager guessed that these people should all belong to the Holy Fire Palace,But I don’t know how to speak well,Why did the big man suddenly turn his face?
“Optimistic about him,I’ll be there。”The brawny commanded,Left and right feet are continuously in the air,After a few minutes, people have reached mid-air,Then he twisted his body and jumped onto a white cloud,The clouds turn around and fly to the sky immediately。
“Brothers,I have nothing to prove,But I can let Brother Wuju come,He knows me。”Young people are not angry,The same line of the Holy Fire Palace,It’s better to be kind。
A few strong men didn’t answer,But the expression on the brows faintly reveals a trace of anxiety and tension,Juvenile discovery,More and more people are looking over here,People in each temple have,There are even a few people from Yishui Temple slowly approaching here。
This situation makes young people feel weird,He has all the memories of the fire spirit before he fell asleep,It’s all about the old sesame seeds and rotten millet tens of thousands of years ago,But obviously,There is a lot of content about the relationship between the five halls of the Five Elements Palace,for a long time,The Five Halls are not as harmonious as imagined,Especially when there is a big event,Moths always come out to do things。
“stop!Go further,I’m going to curse!”A big gray-robed man surrounded by the teenager suddenly gave a cry,Everyone turned their gazes toward the few guys who approached Yi Shui Hall.。
“What are you calling?Is it great to catch a spy??I just can’t see?”Although the leader stopped,But not reconciled,While talking,Gesturing to the companion behind you,Let more people come,This guy obviously heard some conversations between young people and strong men。
“A spy,I do not know,Brother Xiao has already reported,What does it have to do with you?”
“Of course it matters,If it is a spy,Punish everyone。”
“You and I don’t count,Let’s wait for the decision,You stop,I finally warned you,You’re welcome。”The big gray man has a loud voice,Noisy and yelling attracted more people’s attention,This actually made the people of Yi Shui Temple not dare to act rashly,But they don’t retreat。

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