Sun Yawu he wanted to ask when Li Hui Feng said this.,What is the willows on the town?,I really want to ask what Xu Ru is going.,An university teacher Qin Xue。

These she wants to ask。
But she knows that he has no qualification to ask。
After all, she is really a matter of relationship with Li Hui.。
And she knows these,It’s entirely because Lin Cheng tells her.。
Then step by step to destroy her spirit,Let her be willing to become the other slave。 It’s just that she has been so many years of slaves.,How can I want to be a slave for a lifetime?。
Especially with Li Hui’s time,Although there is no problem with Li Hui Feng,But Li Hui’s little bit of a drop, she is looking in the eyes.。
Understand a man love a woman is that the root will not regard each other as a slave。
Li Hui has directly brought a better hotel with a better hotel.。
Entered the door,Sun Yaru began to prepare clothes removal。
This scene,Although Li Hui is ready for preparation,But still some can’t accept。
“You first wait,We said that I am going to talk about it.,I am going to take off my clothes.。”
Li Hui Feng said so on his mouth.,But the eyes can’t help but look at the place where it is not seen.。
Sun Yaru is also seen by Li Hui’s eyes.。
Laugh:“I am so unbearable in your heart.?
Is it really a woman??”
“do not worry,Will not follow you?,I just let you see the scars of my body.。”
Say,That pure and incomparable sling is directly faded。
moment,Li Hui also stunned by the scene in front of him.。
Jeans is also slow down by the other party。
I only see two slender jade legs.,There is a clear whip of the hills and the mountains.。
Sun Yaru turned,The two flaps on the top of the rolls have become purple.,It is conceivable to know how much power can play such a color.。
“These are all of Lincheng?
http://www.bjhyjr.cnYou won’t run?
You will not call the police?”
Although Li Hui Feng has no sense of Sun Yaru。
But seeing a girl suffering from such a non-human treatment,His heart is still an anger。
This is not a couple of couplesSMNS,But trueSM,This is the allergy。
Sun Yarn looked at the anger of Li Hui’s eyes.,Also slowly put clothes,Then laugh, some bleak。

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