Remote places like the Three Realms,Kill a chaotic alien at will,Got this method from his collection。

Because this method is almost impossible to practice。
Celestial level,You need a heart of the world!
《Tao Wu eighteen gods and demons》,The difficulty of training is relatively small,Its consumption is already exaggerated。
One day the gods need a bottle of Chaos Spirit Liquid。
Don’t look at Li Ming’s wealth,One hundred thousand bottles of Chaos Essence。
In fact,Generally, all the ancestors are worth a hundred bottles,That’s the ancestral god who is still roaming in chaos。
Those ancestral gods in the chaotic world,Maybe worth dozens of bottles。
Use one percent of the worth of an ancestor god to cultivate a day god,Still barely able to do it。
But with the heart of the world,Ordinary ancestor gods are worth thousands of times to cultivate gods—It’s incredible。
In fact,Almost all training in history《Holy Book of Thousand Body》of,Like Li Ming, first promote the second soul,Then cultivate the deity。
Tenjin,Still some hope。
If it is true god,Even in the world, it may not be able to support。
Li Mingnai is a real god,And Zhenxian is a second-class golden pill,The price is higher than those of the gods and gods。

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