Dust diffuse,Even cover the rushing river。

Murder,Be dispersed,Black Luosa’s enclosure is hardening is a cracked stone,Slowly collapse powder。
Tiangu dog,Moon is high altitude,A 皎 皎 光 光 白 法 相,Moon shadow,Law,Yingying’s light,Beautiful。
Liao Wenjie closed the law,Closed facial air,In the first time, this god is against the enemy.,Heart has a good harvest。
After a moment,His figure flashes,Transiently moved around,The latter is carrying the opportunity,Seeing Liao Wenjie even if it is a glimpse。
“Jiege,How did you come?”
Emptic, pick up a cold:“First said,My little arm calf,No gold blessing,I can’t afford you and Black Rob.,Master he is better than me.,Hurry to bring black Luo to other http://www.xjinsuo.cn places,Don’t have a pool。”
“Finish,Black Luosa is dead。”
Emptomete the brain floating over a question mark,I got the black Luosa so soon.,How did I hesitate before??
Early said that it is no friend.,He just didn’t run.。
“Dragon,When I get the black Luosa,I feel feeling in my heart.,Want to go to God to make a fairy,You feel the things of three people,I am afraid I can’t help anything.。”
“No way,This is God,I remember the process is not like this.……”
Emido doubt,Didn’t put it on your heart,Straightforward:“Jiege doesn’t worry,Three people, I already have an account,Water drop stone wears a day,I have time and patience。to be honest,I have always thought that this time is a test.,”
Aphless,I have not said that I didn’t say it.,Always,He feels that this time is a test.。Just like people who can feel three http://www.xiankezu.cn people who can have only their own,People who can help him spend this test are only himself,It is impossible to succeed by the hand of others.。
“Well,I will send you back to China。”
“Wait a minute,Jiege,Don’t you feel less than a person??”
“Have it?”
Emperor’s eyes:“Black Luosa is eliminated,The law has not appeared yet,This is unreasonable.!”
“No need,He is dead,A way to the black,Grasping the eye’s eyesight is far less than I,When he enlisted, he should appear.。”Liao Wenjie shrugged,Press and hold the shoulders of Emido and the air,The transient moves with two people return to the National Qing Temple。
Seeing the defeated Guanyin,Emptome, long sigh:“Gaud,You see you,I haven’t wrong.,It is a test before success.,I believe that the Tasher does this.,Also give me a difficulty of adding http://www.sqr114.cn tests。”
Speech,Stolen straight waist,It seems to be a little smudged。
Liao Wenjie aimed at the law,See own low eyebrows,Double-handed ten Millennium Buddha,I can’t help but turn over the eyes.。
“what,My fan!”
Emptometeen,Raise your hand and touch,Take a new pu fan,Happy and happy,Wavily sweep,Restore the viewing of Guanyin in the main hall。
“Grandmaster,I remember before I asked you.,Black Luosa is not your arrangement,You said that everything is a coincidence,The result is not the case。”
Liao Wenji is close to the law,Small soundbbA sentence,As early as saying that the black Lua is a Buddha trumpet,He won’t be a fat.。
This hatred……

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