Party Construction Employment "Yansheng" Running "

Sichuan Yingshan County adheres to party building as leading, policy support, service security, and vigorously implement "return to Yan", actively develop "return to the geese economy", and help high quality development in county economies. Take the party to promote the communication, let the "return" willing to return to the high position of the party committee.

The county party committee government attaches great importance to the "return to the geese economy", adhere to the "business investment, extension investment, demonstration investment", and accurate the docking project.

The branch is pulled through the bridge.

Strengthening the construction of industry chambers, different commercial party organizations, and actively contributing to various Chamber of Commerce Party Organization, group organizations convened a hural chances; inviting major events such as foreign countries to participate in the Western Expo, villagers return home development, witness the economic development of Yingshan, Sharing Development results.

Actively create an atmosphere.

Take mobile phone live and other ways to promote Yingshan investment policy, business environment, business complex; production "new era, a world of Sichuan Sichuan Yingshan" promotion video, vigorously create a good public opinion environment. With the party building, let the "return" have left a good policy. A comprehensive combing industry policy, putting the "Gansheng Plan" policy package integration "policy assembly", maximizing policy dividends. Provide good service. Implement a window acceptance, retaining, active docking, on-site service, etc. "Contact the corporate system, set up industrial enterprise service work, help companies solve the practical problems of financing, technology, production and exemption control.

Create a good environment.

Establish "Gansheng" enterprise and expert team docking service mechanism; strengthen political care for "return" enterprises, constantly enhance the sense of belonging to "return" enterprises, gain feelings.

Taking the party to build a factor, let "goast" grow up to strengthen land protection.

Incorporate the "Wort" enterprise land plan into the "Yingshan County" 14th Five-Year "Industrial Plan", prepare the controlled detailed planning of the West District and high-speed rail block area of ??Economic Development Zone, further optimize the industrial layout of the county city, constantly absorbing all kinds of high-precision High quality business in the mountains landing roots. Through a series of measures and guaranteed measures and guaranteed, the county GDP growth in the county has been more than five consecutive provinces and municipal average, and the increase in industrial increase in the scale is four consecutive years to steadily "one array". The economic development, with the development path of economic promotion of rural residence. (杰) (Editor: Prince Front, Wang Weiyuan).

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