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The fourth Army of the Chinese Workers’ Red Army is the era of revolutionary war, and the hero troops established under the leadership of the Communist Party of China are one of the three main strengths of the Red Army.

Due to the origin of the Red Si Dynasty, the birth of the redness, and the blood and the blood of the red and red were inextricably in water.

Studying the Red Si Dynasty, and the redness will be an important part of its research is an excellent material for party history education.

The red four army originated and was born in Huang’an County, Hong’an County, is located in the northeast of Hubei, a large mountain.

Here is one of Dong Biwu’s hometown, one of the CCP, is one of the earliest parts of the CPC established party organizations in rural areas.

From 1921 to 1922, Dong Biwu has developed more than a dozen Huang Anying Party members. At the end of 1923, Dong Biwu and the Wuhan District Committee have decided to establish a Chinese Huangan Working Group and the Macheng Working Group on Wuhan.

Huang An Working Group consisted of Dong Xianzhen, Wang Jian, and Lei Shaquan. The Macheng Working Group is composed of Wang Ya’an.

Since then, the two counties of Huang An and Macheng have a party organization.

In 1925, the CCP established the special branch of Huang’an Party Group.

Actively promote the country’s cooperation, development of trade unions, a farmcome, women’s joints, and support the Northern Expedition War. In cooperation, our party has mastered the leadership of the National Party and Trade Unions and Agricultural Association Women’s Federation.

In order to safeguard the interests of farmers, the party organization established the peasant self-defense army and the righteousness of the farmers. Only Wu Huan, the Communist Party Member of Ziyun District, Huang’an County, and the peasant self-defense army of Wu Xianzhu. In the early summer of 1927, when the Northern Expedition War Festival was victory, when the peasant sports wind rushed, Chiang Kai-shek and Wang Jingwei were rebellious and the revolution was swim. At a critical moment, the Central Committee held the "Eight, Seven Conferences" in Hankou, criticized and corrected Chen Duxiu’s right surrender, and established the general policy of land revolution and armed against the national massacre policy, and launched armed uprons in the country.

The party organization has established early and working, Huang An Mucheng has the basis of launching the uprising. The Huang’an County Party of the Communist Party of China proposed "The revolutionary revolution, revolutionary development revolution", and the center of Jiri Ping, hitting the land of the land, and suppress the disadwood, and the Macheng County Party Committee held "September Riris", and launched the subsequent juman uprising Base.

Hubei Provincial Party Committee sent outstanding party military cadres to jute region, preparatory to launch armed uprising. On November 3, 1927, the seven-Riping Wenchang Palace meeting was held, and the jute uprising commander and made a careful deployment of the uprising.

On November 13, 1927, the peasant self-defense army of dozens of handheld steel guns in two counties in Huang An, Huang Tian Ji Uprising General Command, Huang An, Macheng, will have more than 20,000 big knives in Huang’an County. , Fish fork, hoe, knocking on the righteous army of the copper, starting from the Qiliping, sieving Huang’an County, overnight, after a fierce battle, eliminating the Kuomintang County Police Force, catching the county magistrate, Liberation of the county. On November 18, 1927, the Huang’an County Peasant Government and the Chinese Workers and Agriculture Revolutionary Army Etudence were established in Huang’an County. The general command of Etude, Dai Mingen, the party representative, Dai Min, deputy general command Wu Guanghao, and chief of staff Wang Zhuangchuan. Since then, the E?tera Bound has born the first armed forces and the earliest county red regime in the country. In January 1928, according to the central inscription, Etudence referred to the seventh army of the Workers’ Revolutionary Army. In July 1928, it was adapted to the thirty-one division of the 11th Army of the Chinese Workers’ Red Army. At the beginning of June 1929, Xu was forwarded by the Party Central Committee as the deputy military commander of the Red Eleventh Army and presided over the military.

At the beginning of 1929, the Communist Party of China and the leaders of the Henan Yunnan Special Committee have launched the "Shangnan Uprising", followed by the 19th Division of the Red Eleventh Army.

In November 1929, with the help of the Red Eleventh Army, the Sixth Army was led by the Sixth Army. In January 1930, the Thirty-Year Thirten Teacher was established. In February 1930, the Party Central Committee decided to adapt the three divisions of the Red Estims as the first army of the Chinese Workers’ Red Army, and II. The commander of the military, the political commissar Cao Dajun, the deputy military commander and a teacher Xu Xiang forward. In January 1931, the central government instructs the Red 15th Army of the Red Army and the E-Yu Anhui District to the fourth army, the arms director of the Red Army, the military commander, and the political commissar.

On November 7, 1931, according to the CCP’s CCP’s Central Branch, the Red Fourth Army was established in Qilaping, Huang’an County, and Xu Xiangzhao Ren Chief Command, Chen Changhao, the political commissar, the whole army, six military, 35,000 The remainder, the total command is located in the seven-ripping. The development of the Red Si Dynasty has grown from the Hong’an Huangan people, they have always regarded the armed forces of the party as a child and relying on the mountain. One person participating in the army, the whole family is glorious, becoming the Chinese people’s consensus, wife to send lanting, and mother sent a son to join the army. In Huang’an County, it was said that "Xiaoyang Huang An, really not simple, copper", forty-eight million, male war, women will send rice ", is the Huangan people actively participate in the war Real portrayal.

Starting from the juman uprising, Huang Ansheng has served as Dai Kemin, Cao Xue, Xu Peking, Dai Jiying, Wang Xiusong, Wang Ziqing, Chen Xing, Zhou Pei, Zheng Xingrui, Cheng Hanxiang, Dai Ying, Wang Xiu, Xu Peng, Wang Ziqing, Chen Qi, Zhou Jian, Zheng Xunrui, Cheng Hanxiang. After the establishment of the Red Si Dynasty, the red security general of the military, and the red and peace of the military, Li Xian, Sun Yuqing, Chen Haiong, Chen Bozhi, Zeng Liu, Guo Tiansimin, Zhang Yu drip, Wu Xianyuan, Cheng Ruzhen, Wang Jianan, Zhan Caifang, Xie Fuzhi, Li Tianhuan, Yuan Kee, Wu Huan, Zheng Zhixin, Li Longxing, Cheng Qibo and other comrades.

The master cadre has more than 100 people represented by Chen Xilian, Han Xiu, Xu Shenji, Qin Jiwei.

The Dabie Mountain Revolution Red Flag Higher Flutang Yuling is a largest town town in Huang’an County.

From 1926 to 1931, Qili Ping has always been the Chinese Communist Party of Huang’an County Committee, the CCP Juttest Committee, the CPC East Communist Party, the Communist Party of China, the Communist Party of China, the Communist Party of China, the Communist Party of China, the Soviend government The resident of the Ministry of Communications, the Red Mail Post Office, the Soviet Bank and other institutions became the command center and the early capital of the Eu Yuzu District. On the evening of November 11, 1931, the fourth day after the establishment of the Red Si Dynasty, Xu Xiangyuan led the initiation of Huangan Battle, after forty-three days of fierce battle, all the enemy sixty-nine teachers, live the teacher Zhao Guanying. Whole battle, Announcement of more than 15,000 people in the Kuomintang army. In order to commemorate the victory of this battle, the CPC Euyu Branch decided to change the "Hong’an County" in Huang’an County to commemorate the land of this martyrs.

In July 1932, the Kuomintang army launched the fourth encirclement in the Ou Wei Zi District. Due to the extreme left policy of Zhang Guo, leading to the fourth anti-surrounding. On the evening of October 11, 1932, the main force of the Red Si Dynasty was transferred to the west of Pinghan, leaving Shen Zemin, Wang Pingzhang, Wu Huan, Gao Jing Ting led Red 25th Army to continue to fight.

In November 1934, the Red 25th Army implemented strategic metastasis (Long March), leaving comrades under the leadership of Gao Jing Ting, forming a red twenty-eight army, launched a three-year hard guerrilla war with Qiliping, and the red flag of Dabie Mountain Flutter. The Red Si Dynasty has achieved the revolutionary war of redness in the blood and fire, the Red Ann People and the Red Fourth Army form a fate and total fish water relationship, the creation and development of Hong’an people’s support and participation in the Red Si Dynasty, and the development of the Red Si Dynasty Another also became red.

In 1931, the CCP’s CCP’s CPC Bureau decided to change the "Huang’an County" to "Hong’an County". In September 1952, he was approved by the Central People’s Government Administration, and Huang’an County was officially renamed as Hong’an County.

The Republic is unique in the county of "Red" naming awards.

Since the red and safe people actively participate in the creation and development of the Red Si Dynasty, the Red Si Dynasty has helped the red-safe training created a large number of talents. The red and peace have born Dong Biwu, Li Xianniss, the two State Council, deputy prime minister; generated seven In the Great Military Region, the eight People’s Liberation Army will, in the generals of the first time in 1955, there will be six places in the 12th, the twelve people will, forty-three areas, (excluding due to changes in administrative districts More than 20 generals in Hong’an) were known as the first general county in the country.

Because the redness is the birthplace of the Red Fourth Army, history will not forget! The Republic will not forget! Red Annual is tilted by national support and policies.

In 2019, Hong’an County fiscal revenue reached 5 billion yuan, and took a poverty-stricken county hat.

The red and safe people cherish the results of victory, and they always charge in each period of socialist construction. He has cultivated 140,000 college students, of which more than 20,000 graduates, more than 2,000 doctoral students. The "Martyrs County" of the sacrifice of 140,000 British "became" talent counties ", turning" general county "into" Doctoral County ", and delivers a lot of talents for the national construction. In the party and government organ, cultivated more than more than more than more than more than more than more than more than more than more than more than more than more than more than more than more than more than more than more than more than more than more than more than more than more than more than more than more than more than more than more than more than more than more than more than more than more than more than more than ten provincial and ministerial level cadres and more than two thousand people.

In the People’s Army, he walked out of more than 20 new generation generals represented by Jiang Jian Zeng, Qin Weijiang, Qin Tian and other.

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