Shanxi men’s football shocks A league

  Original title: How long does it take for an unbeaten record? Shanxi men’s football shocks Grade A league September 1, 2021, not only the days of starting school. Also on this day, China’s leamolded group unveiled the battle, and Shanxi men built on the journey of impacting the Grade A league. "This season has exceeded the task." Shanxi Longjin team head coach Zhou Lin said, "Now you have to look at our unbeaten records, how many games can you keep?" The best record creates a history in 2021, perhaps Shanxi football is the most Good time. The first phase of the League of B is 14 more than 5 wins in Shanxi Longjin team and remains unbeaten.

  Since this season, in the Chinese Football Association, the Middle League, China Jia League, China Billy League 3 league, only Shanxi men’s football "solitary defeat".

This record is the best performance in Shanxi men’s feet in the professional league. In the past 20 years, on the stage of the Chinese professional football league, Shanxi men’s football has been playing "Acting", and even the opportunities for performances. After introducing many strength players such as Sui Weijie, Wang Weicheng, Han Jiabao, this team finally found a feeling of "the protagonist".

  This Shanxi Long has developed from the goalkeeper, the middle and defend, the back to the striker, and most of the players at the key position of the whole center axis, most of the year of 278 years old, and the year of positive value is playing.

At two sides, it is a "small, fast, spirit" team that is strong under the age of 25.

  "The team’s age structure is reasonable, the player is very good." Zhou Lin said, "Do not impact the League League, we are not willing to test 2021 in front of you, maybe the worst scene of Shanxi football. The victory on the court, solving all problems. For example, the funds required for the team operate. After the first stage, after 14 games, a unbeaten Shanxi Longjin team received information: the original title sponsors have been withdrawn. It is even a report from Media, and Shanxi Longjin team will be disbanded, no longer participate in the armored group competition. "As a professional player, we will definitely go all out in the next game.

"Captain Yan Jie said," But my feelings now are like the play in front, the rear fire is ", as a player can only say weak.

"Shanxi football needs a high level of professional team. "The Deputy Director of the Working Group of Hua Shi Football Industry Development Center said," It will become a model, driving our campus football, social football, amateur football. "In Shen Guangjin’s envision, the League, the Super League is not the ultimate goal of Shanxi football pursuit." What we need is to form a football industry chain, with self-hematux ability, sustainable development. "He said. Reporter Yanglin / photo.

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