The 43th episode of the party history in the art work "Zhou Enlai at the Bandung Conference"

In order to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, use the times with the era of the vocabulary, under the guidance of the Central Propaganda Department, Culture and Tourism Art Division, People’s Network, People’s Oriental Publishing Media Co., Ltd. jointly produced a hundred collection of short video programs History Times – Party History in Art Works.

From "Shenghang" "New China Birth" to "Chunchao" "Boiling China", the program took more than 100 historical representative excellent artworks, using the beauty of the art, the spirit of the song. Among them, this short video "Zhou Enlai at the Bandung Conference" introduced the famous artist Yan Shangyi creation of the same name oil painting work.

In April 1955, the Bandung Conference was held in Indonesia, and Zhou Enla was attended the meeting by Chinese delegation.

This work is the moment of Zhou Enlai speaking on the venue.

In the process of shaping the image of Zhou Premier, the handset, action, speech of the picture, and all aspects of clothing are carefully created according to historical facts. Author Yan Shangyi Introduction: "Creating this work is a detailed process, not imagined. In order to better express the theme, from sketch, finalize to sketch, color draft, is based on historical data and sketch laws. Finished.

"光辉 历 时 时 画 – Party history in art works.

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