Rongping: City organic update, illustrated as the beginning of the people

On August 16, the company’s urban update and old community renovation and improvement projects were held in Huaxi dam. As one of the centralized work projects, it will rely on the innovation resources of Sichuan University "a school", and create a high-precision medical beauty industry innovation area, park city healthy new community, and hundreds of Huaxi humanistic vitality. "Urban Update and Old Community Reconstruction Enhancement Project" as one of the major strategy "10 major projects", in the high integration of "Zhongde" target tasks, make Chengdu culturally accumulated a deep city, glow out New vitality. Urban organic update, new connotation of happiness in the city’s "most happy city" in Chengdu, the dimension of happiness is almost all-round, city organic updates, one of important dimensions. In December last year, Chengdu first put forward the implementation of the "10 Works of Happiness and Wonderful Life", covering the public life side, urban renewal and old community renovation projects also included.

Summary from the "Top Ten Project of Happiness and Beautiful Life", "Chengdu City Park City Organic Update Guide", from the beginning of August, "Chengdu" Zhongdeng "regional city organic update overall plan", then August 16 The day held urban update and the old community renovation improvement project major project centralized launching ceremony, Chengdu adheres to the concept of "people’s city", constantly enriches the connotation of happiness cities, with solid pace to change urban updates from blueprints to "physical quantity".

Since 2021, Chengdu has started 35 units, 33 of the old community renovation projects, and 200 community update projects.

Among them, one-term road city well living circle has become a place, Wang Pingfang, Huaxing Street became a net red card point, and the Barizhuang Industrial Rentelet area realized gorgeous turns from "industrial rust belt" to "life show". Urban organic updates, essence is the quality of urban function, the improvement of the quality of the people, in which the citizens have constantly taste the feeling of happiness.

The city has also become "better yourself" through organic updates.

The city has organically updated, as a happy life as the value of the people’s city, the people’s city is the people.

"City organic update, creating a happy life is logical starting point, regardless of the ancient lane, or the old community, all the organic components of the city, residents living in their lives, the right to pursue high quality life and public services. Chengdu Urban updates are to focus on solving the unbalanced incompatibility problems in the process of urban development, create an excellent human environment, and strive to meet the people’s new look forward to the beautiful life.

Chengdu officially launched the "Top Ten Projects of Happy Life" this year, retrofit the city update and the old community, echoing the people’s people’s good life, is the real trick for the people, is a "people city" concept Practice.

Urban updates and old communities transformation, compared with large urban functional projects, with the association of the people’s lives. A piece of area (block, community) passes organically updated, not only will improve the production and living environment of the region, but will also promote regional industries, create more new jobs.

Huaxing Street, Jinjiang District, and the old construction, now, now, the construction of the building along the street has been unified design and creating, the rich retro style and fashion fresh air mix, new formats and Panshi City, Yuelai Tea Garden, etc. The classic IP is in the same way, the familiar fireworks of Chengdu have a "reloading", and it is more very popular. The Fengzeyuan Community, No. 6 Wuhou District, Implementation of Wisdom Life, Garbage, Garbage Classification, Fengze Academy, Vitality Youth, Township, Memory, Treatment, Seven Projects, Seven Projects, Seven Music Academics, Vibrant Youth, Township If you don’t have a community, you can participate in a variety of cultural activities and apply for multiple convenient services. An evolutionary "new" community, becoming a favorite of a beautiful life, and creates a new domain for happiness and a good life. Urban organic update, exploration of sustainable self-evolutionary models, no shortage of "headache medical head, pedicure doctor foot" "sports, passive" city update.

Under the co-ordination, it is possible to artulate the city’s organic update pen painting.

Urban organic updates, do a good job in the city "experience" is the premise. To evaluate the first, reasonably determine the key points of urban renewal, delineate the urban update unit, and fully connect with relevant plans, scientifically prepare urban update planning and planning, establish project libraries, and express timwords. Chengdu adheres to the construction of the park city demonstration zone to practice the new development concept as a communion, continuous promotion of planning and construction governance operation integration. During the urban update, abandon the "big demolition", adhere to the "less demolition", maximize cultural memory and urban texture, and better realize the production and life ecology.

This concept has walked in the forefront of the country. Last week, the national residential construction issued "Notice on the Implementation of Urban Update Action" Notice (Draft for Comments) "" clearly, urban updates will strictly control the big relief of the big demolition; will continue to stay , Fully maintain urban memory; do not follow the development and construction of excessive real estateization, short-term benefits and economic benefits from scale expansion.

Chengdu’s urban organic update, from ideas to practice, highly accompanied by state requirements, reflecting deep grasp of urban construction laws. Urban organic updates must fully respect and reflect the wishes of the people. People’s Urban People ‘s Construction.

"Urban organic update, the public is participants and beneficiaries, so we must respect the wishes of the masses in urban renewals to play the role of the masses.

A few days ago, Chengdu related experience was included in the Ministry of Housing and Construction into the "List of the Renovation of the Renovation of the Old Community Reconstruction" for the country to learn from all over the country.

The main empirical practice of Chengdu is to mobilize residents, and specific initiatives can summarize "Strengthening Party Construction Leading" "First Autonomous Reconstruction" "Strengthening Grassroots Negotiation" "Promoting Internet + Creating Zhi Zhi Sharing". This successful experience can be regarded as a bright flowers in the field of innovation in the field of Chengdu Social Governance. It is the use of community governance in urban renewal. Its understanding of contradictions and brings together the role of people’s people, so that the city update process is more warm and more efficient. It is very valuable to be replicated. Urban organic updates, to create a new power engine. Implementing urban renewal actions are an effective way to promote urban development and construction methods and promote economic development mode transformation. Urban updates need to explore government guidance, market operations, and public participation sustainable models to find sustained power. Chengdu pays attention to creating a new space in urban renewal, implanting new industries, and striving to build an organic update "new engine".

Taking this transformed Huaxi Dam Slice as an example, the 10-year-old Huaxi Dam carries the city’s memory and history, through market mechanism and social capital, gathered high-intensive medical beauty industry development, deep cultivation of new materials research and development, high-precision medical services, " Medical American + "New Economy and other segment industries, create high-precision medical beauty industry innovation zones, park city health new community, 100-year-old Humanities Vitality Zone, strive to form a hundred billion-level medical and health industry cluster, create a hundred years of Huaxi Dam, Medical and American Healthy City.

City organic update is a step-by-step city self-evolving history, Hui Ying’s law, and a pen and spring and autumn.

In Chengdu continuously promotes urban update action, take the public’s happy and beautiful life, and take the people’s city for the people’s initiative, and take the governance wisdom of oversized cities.

(Editor: Luo Wei, Gao Hongxia) Sharing let more people see.

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