US State Council approved $ 300 million military sales contract in Qatar

  One day in the United States and Qatar, the US State Department approved the $ 300 million military sales contract in the Middle East, involving the new generation of advanced precision anti-weapon system.

  US exporting weapons need to be approved by Congress.

In accordance with the statement of the US Department of Defense Defense Safety Cooperation, the State Council officially covered this military sales order to the Congress on the 9th, and the military sales "will not change the regional basic military balance". Declare that Qatar is "regional maintenance political stability and economic development important forces, our joint defense interests are maintained in our relationship."

  The United States will sell 5000 sets of 2 advanced precision anti-weapons systems (APKWSII) to Qatar, including rocket motifs and high-explosive warheads. The Qatar Udaide Air Force Base is the largest airborne base in the Middle East. With this base, the United States launched air strikes to extreme and terrorist organizations in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan. Qatar Emir, ie the national head of Xie Heritam Ben Hamad Allazani arrived on the 6th, on the 9th, meets the National Defense Minister James Martis, settled with President Donald Triang on the 10th general. The media inferred that one of the two officials’ dialogue is the bay diplomatic crisis.

  Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain and Egypt have announced that the latter is broken by Qatar, "Support Terrorism" and "Destroying Regional Security" last year. The Qatar government denied this allegation.

Trump 2 days and 3 days respectively calls Saudi and Qatar leaders, discussing the broken crisis. Saudi King Recommend Muhammad Ben Saleman ended the 11th visit to the United States for nearly 3 weeks, and signed a total of more than $ 3.6 billion in the United States. Political analysts have been inferred that the United States strengthens the Military Sales of the Middle East and other Middle East and other Middle East, both economic motivation, and the meaning of the influence of Iran in the Middle East. (Zheng Yuing) [Xinhua News Agency Micro ".

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