Chengdu Wuhou District held a "Tianfu has a 囍 · 情 武 武侯" marriage registration collective certificate

People’s Daily Network Chengdu May 20 (Guo Ying) In order to further promote the traditional wedding customs, advocate the new social new style of the wind, accelerate the pilot building of the national marriage reform experimental area, today, "Tianfu has a 囍 情 武 武 武" marriage registration The collective warranty ceremony was held in Tianfu Furong Garden in Wuhou District, Chengdu.

The event is designed to guide new people to feel the beauty of marriage, the responsibility of marriage, and promote the traditional Chinese people’s loyalty, family harmony, and promote the new people to establish civilized marriage concept. Promote the new style of "heavy registration, strong responsibility, Chongjin", enhance family responsibility, advocacy, harmony, and civilized family new fashion.

In recent years, Wuhou District has vigorously strengthens marriage and cultural construction, actively promoting the reform of marriage customs, and strives to promote civilized and healthy, low-carbon frugation, and escort the harmony of marriage and family. At the Marriage Registration Office, the Marriage Registration Office is set up, providing public welfare services to newcomers; , Strengthen the responsibility and responsibility of marriage, carry forward the wedding customs of "heavy marriage registration, strong family responsibility, tree civilization and frugality"; set up a marriage family counseling room, introduce a psychological counselor, provide emotional counseling, psychological counseling for the needs of the parties Pre-marriage education and other services, let marriage family counseling rooms better play the role of "preventive needles" "stabilizers" in marriage registration, effectively reduce inert divorce, and actively promote the harmonious development of families and society.

In April this year, Wuhou District was confirmed by the Ministry of Civil Affairs as the only national marriage reform experiment area in Sichuan Province.

(Editor: Zhang Hua Wei, Gao Hongxia).

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