Dai Yanjun: The inner connection between the party and the system of the party and the system

Under the new situation, due to the major changes in the party’s historical orientation, the topics of the party’s construction have been greatly different from the revolutionary period.

But the idea is still very important for us to still have very important practical significance.

This is because the arduous complexity of the various historical tasks facing the party is unprecedented. It is necessary to make the majority of party members, especially the leading cadres we face through ideological construction. The party is facing The complexity of internal and external environments is unprecedented. It is necessary to make the majority of party members, especially the leading cadres who have faced their own challenges and tests through ideological construction, and can be prepared in actual life. Test; the real social conditions of the party, give the party organization constitute a new topic, join the members of the party organization and the complex motivation, need to strengthen the party’s party’s sense and organizational concept through ideological construction, to ensure us This party’s overall Marxist political party is always unchanged. Over the years, the effectiveness of the party’s construction in the new environment of the reform and opening up and the socialist market economy has proven to have an important role in ideological construction. Of course, the idea of ??the new situation is also required for the content, form, method, etc. in terms of content, form, method, etc..

In addition to ideological and theoretical education, it also focuses on ideal beliefs, ideological and moral, discipline style, power concept, and political academic education, is a highlight of the requirements of the new situation.

Our party attaches great importance to our thinking, but the idea is by no means a simple ideological propaganda and void theory. History has already told us that it is necessary to truly implement the requirements and goals of the Thought, and we must organically unify the ideas and institutional colleges and constantly strengthen and improve the party’s regulations and systems.

Because the party’s ideological claims and ideological requirements must be reflected and implemented through strict science.

The party must become a truly combatful organization that must have a strict organizational system and strict organizational discipline to ensure that the unity and steps of their internal unity are uniform; the party must successfully realize their own goals through their own activities. Make your own activities have strict rules and scientific procedures; the party must make our party members and cadres, especially the leading cadres of party members in ruling activities, with good rights, not due to abuse of power, must Strict rules and regulations for the necessary supervision constraints on power.

And these must rely on the system to achieve the party.

Therefore, the system governance party is a fundamental requirement for strict governance of the party.

Like the party, the system is also a traditional advantage of the Chinese Communist Party.

Our party is established in accordance with the principles of Leninism, and the prominent characteristics of the Leninism of the Junior Party Principles are to emphasize the party’s organizational and discipline. Revolutionary War age, our party members and cadres, our army’s reasonable to be a place to be sincerely supported by the broad masses of the people, an important reason is iron discipline; we have established the Soviet area, according to the ground, the Liberation Area is a lot of party Foreign democrats see a pair of pure land, regard as China’s hopes, the reason why there are thousands of progressive youth yearning and go to the holy land, which is called a bright day for the broad masses of the people, because there is different from the national district The system and laws of the enemy areas, where there is no corrupt official, two no gambling, three no gambling, five no a little wife, six no name, no boutique, no wilting Nine gas, nine no one eats friction, ten no one is difficult to wealth.

No need to say, we have walked through the bending road in the system, and there have been lessons, so that there are problems such as "Cultural Revolution". But we are using the system to correct your own mistakes, and clearly propose institutional problems with fundamental, global, long-term, stability.

Now we emphasize the institutional governance party, emphasize the unity of the Thought to build the party and the system, is the inheritance and promotion of our historical experience.

In fact, no matter from history or from reality, the thinking builds the party has never, and it is simply inseparable from the system.

Mao Zedong explained the theory of thinking and building the party in the system of the "Guotian Conference Resolution", and put forward the requirements of the Thought, and the "Guotian Conference Resolution" is the first to build a party building regulatory and standing rules.

We said that the Gutian Conference is important, first because of these ideas to establish party rules and rules. In the process of future historical development, with the continuous accumulation and summary of experience, our party’s thoughts and the establishment of the party’s various systems have gradually improved, which is an effective guarantee for the success of the Thought.

The formation and transformation of human thoughts directly depends on the environment he survive, including the production of living environment, learning to educate and educational environment, including rules and regulations.

Moreover, in general, the institutional environment is not only a direct effect on human habits, such as the enhancement of disciplinary concepts, strengthening the spirit of solidarity, the cultivation of loyal character, and the promotion of organizational awareness, etc.), and, institutional environment The specification boot function will also act directly on the impact of people in other environments. For example, our party’s ideological education is not just a book study and classroom education, but also includes party members and cadres in depth, in-depth mass investigation research, party members and cadres accept exercise in work practice, withstand test, party members and cadres to carry out the party’s criticism and Self-criticism, party members and cadres consciously accept the rules and regulations of all aspects of the mass supervision, the party’s organizational life system, the party’s democratic life, etc.

These rules and regulations are an indispensable part of the party’s ideological education.

Of course, the system governing the party also invested in the party.

The system itself is made and implemented by people, and any system is not possible to disengage from the actual situation of people’s overall ideology.

Therefore, increasing people’s ideological consciousness and ideological level is an important prerequisite for improving the level of institutional levels and enhances the implementation of the system.

We propose to enhance people’s legal concept, rule awareness, enhance party members’ discipline concepts and disciplinary awareness, and emphasize that the responsibility of discipline implementation is to be implemented. At present, improve our system level, first to improve the whole party’s importance and necessity of the system, the need to fully understand, and truly establish the equal equality in front of the system, establish the authority in the minds of the majority of party members and cadres. Law, words are greater than the law, people are greater than the law, the thinking and behaviors habit of personal over-laws above the regulatory system. Second, further improve the level of legislation within the party and improve the understanding of the scientific understanding of the content of the party’s internal law. Make the party’s internal laws and regulations, more reflecting the principle of rigidity, with more complete procedures guarantees, more systemic internal systems, and create better external institutional environments, prevent the system from turning into "rubber band" and "" scarecrow".

Again the implementation of the system again. The fundamental meaning of the system is that the party’s 18th National Congress has attached great importance to the construction of the party’s internal law system with Comrade Xi Jinping, and promoted the party’s internal laws and regulations. How to ensure that the system is better to be implemented. This aspect requires our education party members and cadres to strengthen the system awareness, enhance the consciousness of the implementation system; on the other hand, improve and improve the relevant institutional operating system and system implementation mechanism.

The institutional mechanism is actually a system, that is, we must use the system to standardize and guide the ideas and behaviors of party members and cadres, and then ensure better implementation through the constant improvement of the ideological understanding of party members and cadres.

(Editor: Gao Wei, Qinhua).

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