Chen Jian: Going out and introduced and re-building

  The picture shows the interview site (click to enter the video) Chen Jian: The secret is that people have no, people have me, people are expensive.

We have a regular purchase office in Germany, France, Italy, Portugal, Japan, South Korea, etc., you can find foreign good products, and you will quickly introduce them in China through communication with source manufacturers.

  Although we are not a production company, we have been grasp the quality, only do quality, the market is good, the audience slowly rely on you, slowly, will promote your good mouth.

  Our company adopts F2C product DC mode (FactoryToCustomer, that is, from the manufacturer to consumers’ e-commerce model), we removed the intermediate link, reducing circulation costs, so the goods have obvious difference advantages, so that the domestic people can buy high quality Imported products. At the same time, we have also begun to focus on publicity and promotion. The China Department Store Commercial Association has set up an importer branch last month. Our company is the first president. Multi-measures to create an open new space host: At the end of 2018, the world’s first large-scale national exhibition in import-oriented China International Import Expo was held in Shanghai. This event opened a lot of open new space, how we will comply with this trend Accelerate the development of enterprises? The picture shows the interview site (click to enter the video) Chen Jian: Holding China International Import Expo is China firmly supports trade liberalization and economic globalization, and take the initiative to open market in the world. Enterprises must grasp this trend and give full play to their advantages and achieve rapid development. We originally in the International Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) of the International Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai). On the basis of actively participating in the Expo last year, we have 4 companies this year, with 1000 square meters of display space. We have built a 365-day imported commodity exhibition platform, which is different from the entrance to the Expo covers various areas such as intelligent and high-end equipment, and is involved in all aspects of production and life. We focus on specialty, industrial factories, suppliers and importers. Potential customers have targeted leaders. On May 12th, we will be a small-scale trade fair. As the preview of the Expo of Zhejiang, the foreign factories and domestic buyers are docked together; from November 11th to 15th, there will be 1000 foreign countries. Producers, importers and domestic buyers are involved in Zheshang into the Expo.

  In 2020, we will set a national exhibition every month, such as the French Exhibition in January, February German Exhibition, March Japanese Exhibition, so continuously, put the supplier and buyers of the relevant industry to our platform Come up.

  "Going out" and "introduction" and serious host: the national economy should achieve long-term development, the "walking out" and "introduction" of high quality products are not possible. You have mainly "going out" in the past few years, and in recent years, you will be "introduced". What good experiences do you have? .

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