Changchun: Printed civil servant usually assess "pile foundation"

This newspaper Changchun News (correspondent Changzu) is to promote the training of civil servants, institutionalize, full coverage, and motivate the new era of civil servants to develop new as a new year, Changchun Municipal Committee Organization Department issued civil servant’s usual assessment work program, exploring construction to advocate Due to the trunk, drive, refueling, torch-oriented usual assessment system. Adhere to political leadership and strengthen assessment methods.

Put the political quality assessment in the first place, refine the quantification score of the assessment project, and guide civil servants to improve political judgment, political understanding, political execution. Pay attention to the usual performance, the assessment mainly based on the duties of civil servants and the work tasks assumed, focusing on the main business and task decomposition, timely understanding of civil servant’s virtue of life, and consistent performance.

Invitation, as a result of the prominent work, major tests and emergencies of the privilege, and a significant results and great contribution, and the current assessment results are directly determined as "good" Wait.

Promoting the usual assessment by simplified assessment to intelligent assessment, upgrade the assessment cloud platform, develop mobile phones, enable sectoral performance, personal performance, civil service information visual.

Tree "Excellence Award" orientation

At the end of the quarter, the direct leaders of the assessor were approved by the test of the work performance review, and the online multiplayer score was conducted, and the number of people with fewer people can evaluate, multi-person ratings or evaluation results and system score determination. The assessment score was taken as a quarter.

In order to avoid the "?" "Identity" phenomenon, it is required that the "good" of the season should be produced within the first 60% of this unit to assess the cloud platform. Firmly establish the "Excellence Award" orientation, the usual assessment results and individual growth progress, the annual assessment results, and the material reward is hooked. It is priority to the consistent civil servants, priority to the selection, the position of position, promotion, and healthy sections. Improve collaborative mechanisms to promote regional revitalization.

Create a collaborative assessment mechanism, organically combine civil service usual assessment, annual assessment, performance appraisal, involving cross-work in the same period, co-frequency resonance, synchronous development. The unit determines the departmental performance goals every year, and decomposes the individual annual assessment indicators and quarterly assessment indicators based on departmental performance targets.

Since the beginning of this year, there has been a 79th groups and 976 people in the city’s key work and the urgent task of "10,000 people to help 10,000 people" "special" "special", "Wan Xiang" Personal divert rewards, create advanced, strive to be advanced atmosphere.

(Editor: Wang wants, thin morning).

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