Guowangqin County Power Supply Company Service is sent to the user’s heart

Affected by the epidemic, many companies in Qin County pressed the "pause keys".

Qinxian Power Supply Company actively innovated service methods and formed nine small teams of Taihang Liming Communist Party member service team to adopt the "video connection" and telephone connection. Enterprises that need it, through online acceptance, precise closed loop processing offline, "point -to -point" and "face -to -face" provide targeted services, and fully help the enterprise’s re -production of power and re -production of electricity and refueling.

At the same time, the company effectively fulfilled the responsibility of optimizing the business environment, vigorously implemented a series of convenient measures, and made "subtraction" in the cost of handling electricity, electricity management, and electricity. By streamlining the electricity connection link, shorten the average power connection time, reduce the cost of connecting the customer’s electricity, and launch the "30 -three provinces" service measures, and continue to enhance the power supply service capacity. Implement the work requirements of "power supply+energy efficiency services", continuously improve the sense of gain and happiness of customers’ power consumption, and strive to increase convenience for the people of the people. During the epidemic period, in order to effectively optimize the power business environment and maximize the customer’s electricity needs, the company improves service standards in advance, specially sets up to optimize the leading group of operating environmental merchants, detailed and improves the electricity guarantee plan, and organizes the "customer+energy efficiency" of the power supply office. The manager goes to the enterprise to carry out "power supply+energy efficiency services" to implement the job to the person to ensure that the possible power consumption problems that may occur at any time, and ensure the normal power supply of enterprises in the jurisdiction.

And actively publicize the power regulations of the enterprise power consumption, the common sense of power consumption and electricity price policy, combined with the function of the "online State Grid" energy bill module function, to propose the reasonable suggestions of energy conservation and emission reduction, cost reduction and efficiency, and guide customers. Its "tailor -made" power consumption solution to improve electricity efficiency.

In the next step, Qinxian Company will continue to conduct irregular visits, vigorously investigate the hidden danger of electricity consumption for the enterprise, solve the problem of electricity usage, accelerate the improvement of "power supply+energy efficiency service" capabilities, and make every effort to create high -efficiency electricity, high -quality services, high -quality power supply The "business card" of the power business environment will send the heart, intimate, and warm service to the user’s heart.

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