Lianhua, Secretary of the Dayi County Party Committee: The mission is at the forefront

  "The fourteenth party congress of Chengdu has drawn the beautiful blueprint for Chengdu’s development in the next five years, and it has forge ahead and provides a direction for the future development of Dayi." Yixian County will fully study well, publicize, and implement the spirit of the party’s congress, based on the actual situation of "Snow Mountain Town · Chengdu Dayi", focus on the core functions of the city and rural expression of the park, and actively promote the green ecology, beautiful form, and the beautiful form. The "five -state integration" of emerging business formats, characteristic literatures, and happy life contributes to the strategic space for Chengdu to expand the sustainable and healthy development of oversized cities, and to be at the forefront of the city’s superiority and strengthening urban and rural expression of the city. Planting the green ecology of the "Snow Mountain Town". Focusing on the deployment of the Municipal Party Congress on "Building a green city, a urban ecological base for the urban planting park, improving the ecological barrier of Longmen Mountain, and improving the ecological value conversion system" and other deployment, firmly implement the concept of green mountains and green mountains, and implement the snow mountain ecology. Protection and repair projects and pilots in the value realization mechanism of ecological product value in Sichuan Province. Shape the beautiful form of the "Snow Mountain Town".

Implement the deployment of the protection and restoration of the Sichuan West Forest Plate, presenting the urban form of the city park, the city form of the city, and the urban form of the city, to accelerate the comprehensive development of the area and the organic renewal of the city, create a livable forest Pan Park, and strive to paint the "poetic town under the snowy mountains under the snowy mountains. "Beautiful picture.

  Build an emerging format of "Snow Mountain".

Seize the historical opportunities of gathering the new city of the suburbs, actively undertake the industrial transfer of the central urban area, promote the optimization and adjustment of space, industry, energy, and transportation structure, vigorously develop green manufacturing, cultivate ice and snow tourism, ice and snow competitions, ice and snow sports new formats, deepen The integration and development of agricultural, commercial and cultural tourism, the construction of the national urban and rural integration development pilot zone, and strive to create a national -level modern agricultural park, a national key county in leisure agriculture, and the advanced county of economic development in the county of Sichuan Province.

  Improve the characteristics of the "Snow Mountain Town" characteristic.

Deepen the red cultural resources such as Che Yaoxian Martyrs, the Hengshan Gang Red Army Long March battle site, accelerate the construction of the Long March Cultural Park and the Three Kingdoms Zilong Cultural Park, promote the construction of the World Museum Town of Anren Town, and strive to create a national 5A -level tourist scenic spot. Construction of the Fanxi Ling Snow Mountain International Tourism Resort, reflects the responsibility of Daiyi in the construction of the Bashu Cultural Tourism Corridor and promoting the construction of the Shuangcheng Economic Circle in Chengdu.

  Build the normal normal life of the "Snow Mountain Town". Vigorously implement the "Outstanding Medical and Excellent Education" plan, actively promote people’s livelihood projects such as Dayi Middle School and the relocation of the county people’s hospital, accelerate the integration of the smart Rongcheng system, in -depth promotion of the construction of national digital rural pilot counties, and build a national smart health pension demonstration base. Deepen the governance of grass -roots micro -grids, keep the "Ping An Dayi" safety bottom line, so that the masses can get more colorful, more happy, and more secure.

(Reporter Hong Jidong) [Editor in charge: Li Tingyu].

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