Is psoriasis easily relapsed in spring? Do 6 things everyday to prevent recurrence

Among the many skin diseases, psoriasis is very common and annoying. Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory skin disease. It is particularly stubborn and easily stimulated by many factors, especially in spring psorcosus. The disease is easy to recur. In fact, if you want to prevent the recurrence of psoriasis in spring, the following things must be done in daily life.

So what should I do to prevent psoriasis from recurring in spring? 1. Supplementing water is relatively dry in spring, so the body is prone to lack of water. For patients with psoriasis, pay attention to replenishing water in spring, so as to ensure the skin’s moisturizing, meet the body’s metabolic needs, improve the problem of dry skin dryness, and improve the problem of dry skin dryness. Of course, it can effectively avoid psoriasis recurrence or aggravation. However, pay attention to drinking water a small amount and multiple times, and you should not drink too much at one time, otherwise it will be prone to water poisoning. 2. Patients with exercise of psoriasis should strengthen exercise in spring, which will help strengthen the body’s resistance and better cope with external stimuli. However, exercise should pay attention to gradual progress, do not have too much exercise, and choose a suitable way of exercise to be more conducive to physical health. 3. Patients with a reasonable diet should pay attention to the reasonable diet, scientific matching, and dine on demand. Do not overeating. If you eat too much, it will affect the digestive function of the gastrointestinal and stomach. Trend or increase the problem of psoriasis. 4. Avoid alcohol in spring to avoid psoriasis recurrence, you should usually avoid alcohol, because things like wine can induce psoriasis recurrence, especially some intense wine. If you drink too much, it will cause the condition to recur on the condition. Even worsening, so patients with psoriasis not only should not be alcohol in spring, but also to avoid alcohol. Whether it is liquor, beer, or wine, do not drink.

5. Keep the room dry.

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