Can the market continue to replace the price of the house?

After the total amount of transaction fell by 3 months, when the price of the price is arrived, he arrived at the market. According to the latest data released by the National Bureau of Statistics, the sales area of ??commercial housing in the country, the sales have been reduced in three consecutive months, and the

Beijing: A child replenishment will be built per district

Original title: The city will build a children’s replenishing park for each district, and the 20th anniversary of the establishment of a children’s replenishing park this year. The meeting and the self-improvement and the help disabled and disabled commendation meeting were held recently. Beijing Youth Daily reported that the "13th Five-Year Plan" of the disabled

Crack outside the domain civilization password in Dunhuang murals

Original title: Crack the classic dance "rebound" in Dunhuang murals in Dunhuang murals, "rebound", whose shape is from exotic. According to the professor of the Chinese Cultural Heritage Research Institute, "rebound" image spread from the foreign domain to Changan, Sheng Tang, and then to China Tang Dunhuang. The image has experienced the transformation from the

200 Kobodyn services will introduce Zhongguancun Fangshan Garden

Original title: 200 Kobodyn services will introduce Zhongguancun Fangshanyuan this newspaper (Reporter Sun Quru) First Zhongguancun Community · Technology Service Station Recently officially unveiled Zhongguan Village Fangshan Garden, focusing emergency equipment, high-end manufacturing, new material industry, output innovation Entrepreneurial resources, cultivating the teamwork team, serving Fangshan to create a characteristic industry cluster.   Zhongguancun Community is

8 Tijdelijk transport station in Zhangjiakou District, Beijing Winter Olympics

  Xinhua News Agency, Shijiazhuang, 13 november (Reporter Wang Min) Reporter die is geleerd van het Hebei Provinciale ministerie van Transport, Onlangs, met paard Shazi, tentoonstelling Oost, Chongli North 3 Tijdelijke verkeersvierkanten, Peking Winter Olympische Spelen De acht tijdelijke transportstationstations in Zhangjiakou Eerlijk waren voltooid.Het tijdelijke transportstation van de Olympische Winterspelen voldoet op dat moment aan

Changwei is handwriting loyalty to Sword Yang Win

"We must ensure that under any circumstances, under the order, it is cleared, the battle is finalized!" August South, a skin-friendly and strong man, said this sentence, the sound is small, but it reveals firm and confident. The people who talk are in the Rocket Army, a tourist lecture. He is very simple. It is

Cross-strait and Hong Kong, Macultural Structure Cooperation Forum

  This newspaper Taipei, March 10 (Reporter Wang Ping, Sun Liji) Taiwan Bank and Hong Kong and Macao 2019 Institute of Industry and Technology Cooperation Forum today held in Taipei, dozens of experts in the branches and Hong Kong and Macao (Macao) around both sides and Hong Kong, Macau in agriculture, medical, Cooperation in the field

Changda Talent Talent Integrated Development City Alliance Expansion to 26 City

  On the afternoon of September 23, as a 2021, China Zhejiang, China Zhejiang South Lake, the Yangtze River Triangle Elite Summit, the Yangtze River Delta Talent Integrated Development City Alliance’s fourth joint meeting. This meeting invited the Alliance City to gather Janhu, summarize the annual work situation and effectiveness of the Alliance, recommend the integrated

The first hot sells 1.2 billion! Golden Land Beijing 壹 街 区 officially opened a newsletter

Leju Buying Home November 18, the deputy center explosion red plate | Beijing Yin Street is the first time, selling 1.2 billion, playing a phenomenon feast. Golden Land | The total construction area of ??Beijing No. 1,290,000 square meters is a bungalow block consisting of eight plots. Volume Rate, 6-8 layers of pure house community,

Studying the advanced typical active as – Ningde City in-depth development of comrades to Sun Limei

"Time model" Sun Limei uses life to interpret a communist party loyalty to party loyalty, courageous mission, and people-oriented, always put the interests of the people in the first place, her advanced deeds vividly show The Communist Party members rushed on the critical moment, and the excellent character was attacked in danger. Since the laten