832 platform: "Feng" scene is unique

"Virjdney settled in March 2020, 11 products, 11 products have been received, and the amount of orders across the country has exceeded 5 million yuan, helping farmers more than 1,000 households. "On October 26, Liu Jingwen, the founder of the Xinjiang Branch of the Agricultural and Sideline Products Production and Work, 2021 Poverty Reduction, said

Children’s Film Education Forum hield het project Publishing "Chinese Juvenile Strong"

2020 China International Children’s Film Tentoonstelling "Children’s Film Education Forum" gastenfoto (foto verstrekt door de organisator) Thema delen sector, Zhejiang Normale universiteit Culturele creatieve en communicatie College Vice President Yu Wei diende als de gastheer. Ik georganiseerde de "Let Film Bellangs", Dr. Kari Bazel Jet, die de film heeft gemaakt, is belangrijk, heeft het onderwerp

After the "Kuliang Story" of a hundred years: the past and the new event

Yixia Villa. Fuzhou Wenbao Bureau is a "Cinehery" video in a section of only 72 seconds, and many Fuzhou people have been touched. 101-year-old American old man lenbilling uses the local Fuzhou diamond blessing "Peace! Peace" "I will remember a little Futang dialect, I can’t remember too much!" This video appeared on October 19th by

Beijing-experts komen naar de rivier voor de mensen

"De rugpijn is een paar maanden, ik ben klaar om de film te controleren, nu zal ik wachten op Beijing-experts!" Onlangs, Liu Dai, die in Chang’an woont, Chang’an Street, Luohe City, kwam naar Luohe City, Ziekenhuis voor afspraak. Het bleek dat Luohe City Hospital 5 Beijing Tangjia Hospital Medical Experts uitnodigde aan Luohe, aan de

De Agricultural Bank Shandong Branch ontving de Heze Municipal Government Thanks

People’s Network Jinan 18 november De Landbouw Bank Shandong Branch ontving een bedankbrief van de regering van de Heze Municipal People, Dankbaarheid aan de financi?le steun en hulp van de economische en sociale ontwikkeling van Heze City. In de afgelopen jaren is de landbouwbank van China doorgegaan om effectief krediet te versnellen, waardoor de economische

Daily Media: The day provides "weapons and other protection" for the first time

On November 14, according to Japan’s "Tokyo News" reported on November 13, Japan’s Defense Town announced on the 12th that Japanese Maritime Self-defense teams held joint training during joint training in southern Island from 10th to 12th, Naustu, Japan. Based on the safety guarantee-related method, the rice branch is provided to the Australian Navy Varamontae

China New Tianjin Ecological City was approved in the Northern Data Trading Center

Original title: Construction Digital Economic Industry Reference Reporter learned on November 3 that the Tianjin Municipal People’s Government officially approved, agreed to establish a northern Data Trading Center in China, in accordance with the business scope approved by the market supervision department, forming a national The leading cross-banking, cross-regional "data Huizhip" circulation transaction ecosystem, collecting

2021 Mineral Resource Inspectector Mobilisatie-implementatie wordt gehouden

  Op 16 juli hield Qinghai Province een Mineral Resource Inspector Mobilisatie-implementatievergadering van 2021. Liu Tao, Vice Governor, National Natural Resources Inspector Xi’an Secretary Tang Zhengguo. Liu Tao wees erop dat de inspecteur een pragmatische maatregelen is voor de natuurlijke hulpbronnen om de intentie van het idee te implementeren van het ontvangen van de geest van

The unified front is the important magic weapon of the party cym and enemy victory.

  The historical experience of the party’s struggle is deeply revealing. "Why can we succeed in the past, how can we continue to succeed in the future? "The Communist Party of China’s Central Committee on the Party’s 100-year Struggle and Historical Experiences", one of the ten precious historical experiences that "adhere to the unified front" as

People’s Daily: Jiangsu Suqian exploring new model of ancient city street operation

Original title: Jiangsu Suqian exploration ancient city street operation new model "People’s Daily" 2021 November 26th, 17th version of the screen screenshot Original: Jiangsu Suqian exploration ancient city street operation new model This newspaper competed November 25 (Yao Xueqing, Zhao As a result, I will explore market-oriented operation initiatives, explore market-oriented operation initiatives, explore market-oriented