Shen Xuan couldn’t help but shouted。

“Lick……” Xiao Huang said two times,It seems very grievable。 Think about it,It is just a small minor wolf,How can I be a adult tiger?,And still the opponent of the Tiger? Just caught up,Already have a great courage! “Xiao Huang is already very good.,How can I?!” “I thought it was a battle.,result,Has been over yet!”

She has never seen Tang Yiyi,I have never seen Lu Jun Jun。

Be too shameful.,Be shameful,Be too thin.,How can she appear as the scene in front of him?。 too frightening,She is really afraid of myself.。 never mind,She still bite her tongue.。 She has no courage to live in this world.。 How could this be,How can she make such a thing?? Forced landing,I still have a shameful shout.:“Little