“Sell for a hundred,It’s a general imitation,The workmanship is more meticulous。”The man put his face aside。

“One hundred yuan?”Xia Yueshu said in surprise,The buckle of a can,Sell one hundred yuan after processing? “two hundred,Okay,You picked it up anyway。”The man thought Xia Shuyue was surprised because he offered too low。 Xia Yueshu heard that the man added another hundred yuan,I suddenly realized that this must not be processed by the uncle himself。

Chapter 1,528 Invest in an increase

Ye Shuanghuang heard this,Frown:“I don’t feel good.。” “First of all,You want live in the goods, the thousand yuan of wine,My fan base, you also understand,Tens of thousands,Even those true love powder is also millions。” “If you are free,That person, a bottle you sent how much you know??” “Second,It is already full of full-scale use of

Liu Dafu is also said that,He did not count。

Even my decent team is there.。 How can I know how much money occupies?,Only know that it can give money,He can do things enough。 “According to Liu Shu’s intend,Two million are not more? Ten thousand production lines,Tens of thousands of sites construction small workshops,Then the raw materials are tens of thousands of pieces,Vegetable tens of

It should be a small cultivating altar,In order to keep the aura here,So we must restrict the entry of students,And students can exchange credits for qualifications to enter here。

Zhu Minglang is now 120 times the speed of aura cultivation。 But not all Dragon Shepherds have such objective spiritual nourishment,Those dragon shepherds whose spiritual realms are not strong enough,Then you can enter this small altar of cultivation,To improve the cultivation speed of dragon beasts in your spiritual realm。 unfortunately,The small holy pool on the

Outside the cave,Wu Heng saw Gan Yifan come out,Twitched the corner of the mouth,Say:“I also change the wet clothes。”

He didn’t actually want to say this,He heard the conversation between the two inside,Don’t know what to say,Seeing Gan Yifan, he was afraid of laughing。 Change out of wet clothes,Xu Wan hasn’t shown up yet,He thought about it:“It takes at least an hour or two for them to come and go,Less than half an hour

“Zhou Shu,Don’t like this,I will expand。”

“hehe,Neither,You have expanded capital,Come over and see it.,These are sick peach trees,These are apples,There are also these”Zhou Shengjie led three people introduced,It is also heartache aside。 After all, these fruits are a seedlings for three or five years.,I have already begun to sit.,The result suddenly gave birth to this disease.。 “Zhou Shu,This should be a

This time,Yin Yin Wang、Shenshan is a big frown,Insert into tangled,Can be like an Ouyangk,Already ready to check。

at this time,Chu Deirers laundering,Before falling in a cricket,Hang:“You are also the people with faces in the rivers and lakes.,Don’t you still have an emerald??and……Even if you are a despicable little person,Yan Hek is also a despicable little person、Will stay in the treasure in the coffin of the people.?” Listening to the words of Chu

“what,try your best。”

Because Liao Wenjie suddenly raised moving,The atmosphere on the table is no longer so happy.,Cao Dada’s dog food is not so happy.。 He looked down the nose,Transfer words:“Ager,I heard that Axing gives you a brigade.,How is the situation??” “This you know this?” “joke,I am a hiking group,What kind of wind blows grass can escape my

“Yes!Lost to a rookie of Ling Jia……Lingjia this year,I’m afraid to shame!”

The Hong family nearby said。 “District Lingjia,Still thinking about counterattack……Delusion……In the vein of Guwu,In fact, our Hong family is stronger!Waiting……I met him in today’s knockout,Must prevent him from entering the top 12!” Hong Xuedong hates the road。 It is a pity。 He didn’t meet Fang Yu in the knockout。 And all the way to the