Then they will only be more afraid,So Xiao Fan would not allow this to happen,He will only do his best to protect himself,people around me,I will never hurt people around me easily 。

Will only protect the people around you,So that they will not be harmed like this,This is what Xiao Fan really wants to do,Is what he has always insisted on,As for the safety of other people or the quality of other people。 In fact, sometimes Xiao Fan doesn’t care,It’s just that sometimes he pays attention to

But now she wants to protect more people,Just like Xiao Fan,Xiao Fan’s burden is very heavy now,Lin Yoona tried to help him bear some。

Lin Yoona has managed the company well these years,Also done a lot of charity,She hopes to help more people,Can reduce the burden on Xiao Fan’s body。 After all, those able to work harder,Xiao Fan is the most powerful man in martial arts in the world,He must protect some weak,He must speak up for the disadvantaged。

When the strength reaches a certain level,Power is the universal way to solve many problems,Those people are not taken seriously,Because they are too weak,Those high-level members of the red zone organization,All are mid-to-high-level power mutants,Truly statusless,Are weak!

Besides, Xiaojie has a hole card,This gives him an inexplicable self-confidence,He believes he will represent America,Become the idol of the first generation mutant。 The same becomes stronger,Not just Xiaojie,The influence of the red mist is for the unmutated,Still has a powerful role。 Liu Guofeng is the most obvious example,He is a pure warrior,He even resists

Zhu Guosheng didn’t know when he walked to Xiang Chen’s side,Asked him。

Looking at my future son-in-law and daughter from afar, they are greeting people,But I always feel that the atmosphere is a bit wrong。 &nbAs for what’s wrong,Zhu Guosheng doesn’t know yet,But in his opinion,Such a thing is simple,Just control the biggest hidden danger in the field,Other problems will be solved! “how could I know!Look at


Chapter Two Hundred and Fifty Eight Monkey King’s Demon Chat group hall,Nezha glanced at Monkey King, who seemed to have not changed much from usual,It may also be that he is too weak now,Not aware of the changes in Monkey King,Curiously asked。 “Ye Shu Dao,What is the heart devil?I think the Monkey King group members

Gone away,Can’t afford to provoke。

Didn’t make Deputy Director Zhang wait too long,7:55Minute,A new carAMCThe new century car slowly drove over。 As Mordu Automobile Factory and a famous American automobile manufacturerAMCLuxury official cars co-produced by the company,AMCNew Century just completed the first batch in June200VehiclesAMCNew centuryCKDCommercial production。 Relying on some good reputation left by the new century in the small

Wang Shuai and they saw Chen Wenjin come back safe and sound,All relieved,But also curiously asked:“He’s really reasonable?”

“I heard that Super Brother except when tossing people,All quite reasonable。”Chen Wenjin wondered about Brother Chao’s brains quickly,He speculated that the moment he waved his hand just now did keep his hand,Maybe I didn’t mean to toss him,Probably because he noticed that Prince Huang Mao wanted to do something,Super Gothic meaning to give face to

Huang Shaotian is a little unhappy,I wonder if Miss Ben is so bad??Do you need to be so direct?

———— Chapter nine hundred and fifty six Favor () “wrong!Although Wuhao is excellent,It’s just a newcomer,It’s not worth the price of Yue Wang,Don’t even need face。What do you think?”Lu Menglin smiled。 “You are still a little self-aware.Is it?”Huang Shaotian is not a fool,I took the opportunity to make fun of each other,I immediately felt something

“Watch a play?What’s the show?”Qin Feng looked puzzled,I always feel that Firmino seems to have changed one person from time to time。

“Ha ha,Those two super powers are fighting。Pinch!This will kill a lot of people。Is this big drama very beautiful。” No matter what Qin Feng’s expression said,Just pulled him into the car。 The latter did not resist,I just don’t understand。Of course he knew that the two major forces that Firmino said were reformers and clergy.。 But aren’t

Even if they are the people’s teachers,By seniority,By job title,Performance bonus,Add all together,Highest paid,It’s less than 800 yuan a month,Moreover, this is after the promotion of teachers’ salary nationwide。

right now,A sophomore,The cost of writing a novel is 3,000 yuan,This news is like a blockbuster,All of the teachers present were dumbfounded。 Many of them can’t help thinking in their hearts,If you write a few novels yourself, try,Will I be able to earn this money?? But this way,Lu Menglin is indeed the author of the