“Yes!Lost to a rookie of Ling Jia……Lingjia this year,I’m afraid to shame!”

The Hong family nearby said。 “District Lingjia,Still thinking about counterattack……Delusion……In the vein of Guwu,In fact, our Hong family is stronger!Waiting……I met him in today’s knockout,Must prevent him from entering the top 12!” Hong Xuedong hates the road。 It is a pity。 He didn’t meet Fang Yu in the knockout。 And all the way to the

Xi Zhen take a look,And whispered to Xia Jian:“Are these people having problems with their heads?,Drinking beer on such a cold day“Xi Zhen said,I couldn’t help but tremble。

Xia Jian glanced at her,Said with a smile:“This is just the beginning,You two have to learn everything to adapt。Regardless of the climate,Still diet,Have to go to the countryside。The chicken will come up later,You are welcome,We have to add energy“ “Don’t worry about Xia!I’ve already prepared。People can live on,Why can’t we“Han Juan smiled playfully at Xia

“I found you with all my hard work‘Rocky Mask’?”

The red eye then put the entire mask on his head,The strangely shaped mask only exposes the user’s eyes,Other places,Especially the mouth,Wrapped in very tight material,But does not affect people’s breathing。 Open your eyes when red eyes,I saw wearingVRA system prompt appeared in front of the glasses:“Bloodthirsty and ruthless Gandhi warrior,You are eligible to open

Xia Jian said,Took a quick look at Wang Lin。Wang Lin nodded at him slightly,Means you can meet。

Zhou Li on the phone heard Xia Jian agreed,He immediately said with a smile:“Let’s stay in the Southern Suburb Manor!There is my property,And where to watch it snow,Should be very beautiful” “Ok!See you at the Southern Suburb Manor,Let’s just watch the snow,So stop eating or drinking” Xia Jian sneered coldly,Hung up the phone。 ———— First2615chapter

“Shouldful,I have been so playing.……Cough……”

Supreme treasure face,Cough, cough,The face is suffocating,I didn’t dare to bite my mouth.,I have to have an qi weakness:“not good,I have a rape gather of Kunlun three blame.,I was seriously injured by them with seven injuries.,A strong internal force cannot be mobilized,It seems that you can’t go to Shaolin.。” “Pity。” Liao Wenjie is deeply regrettable,I

We have been row it for so long.,How can I have to let us buy some?。”

“Don’t worry,You can go to other supermarkets,I know that several supermarkets are sold.。” I immediately said that Wang Chunli said that there were several supermarkets under Zhang Aizhi.。 The result is the same day,All supermarket strawberries are snapped up,A pound of 500 pieces of sturdy strawberry,Not only don’t sell it,Instead, it has become a rare

Lu Hao nodded,Put a packing box in Ning Feifei’s office,“Ning Assistant,This you eat。”

Ning Feifei looked at him,When I saw the package box of the Jiangshi Hotel,She swallowed a spit。 This husband is not listening,The blue director still doesn’t know how big the fire is.? “Thanks……Thank you。”Ning Feifei voice is small,Looking at Blue Xin’s face is not too much change,She is relieved.。 Blue Xin smiled low:“Fifi,You slowly eat。”

Hotspot heroes in the Dajiang Lake

Chapter 537 I am here to help. “Chu Hexia,You are going to the palace.?”Guardian,After seeing the Chu Deend,Respectful。 “Nothing to see the emperor,I will go in and see the county,No need to report。”Chu Deiren said。 Formerly:…… I always feel that I need to notify it.! “This……Chu Dafa is not known,Yunli County is now in the

“You are bigger,You can pick me up。”Zhu Minglang said a little bitterly。

As a noble dragon shepherd,How can I walk pitifully?。 But Shenmu Qingshenglong just fed the Great Spirit Pill,Dormant digestion。 Forget the big black teeth。 Zhu Minglang is very worried about his size,I stepped on Yunxue and fell straight down,There are a lot of clouds here that look like soft snow that can be stepped on,But

Chen Erniu was sweating profusely,He smiled and said:“Sanye, sorry to go down,Won’t go down,You can live to two hundred years old”Chen Erniu’s words,Made everyone laugh。

Suddenly someone screamed“snake” Everyone panicked,Hula around,I saw in the tunnel just dug,I took a big black python,It’s as thick as a bowl,It should be several meters long when unfolded。 Someone shouted“Kill it,Killed tonight, stewed snake meat tonight” “No,Absolutely!“Huang Daxian is like crazy,Ran over,Pushed aside a few young queens who were about to do it。 Xia