832 platform: "Feng" scene is unique

"Virjdney settled in March 2020, 11 products, 11 products have been received, and the amount of orders across the country has exceeded 5 million yuan, helping farmers more than 1,000 households. "On October 26, Liu Jingwen, the founder of the Xinjiang Branch of the Agricultural and Sideline Products Production and Work, 2021 Poverty Reduction, said

Changchun: Printed civil servant usually assess "pile foundation"

This newspaper Changchun News (correspondent Changzu) is to promote the training of civil servants, institutionalize, full coverage, and motivate the new era of civil servants to develop new as a new year, Changchun Municipal Committee Organization Department issued civil servant’s usual assessment work program, exploring construction to advocate Due to the trunk, drive, refueling, torch-oriented

At first seeing, Guangdong visited two ancient neighborhoods, what is it deep?

"Let the city leave memories, let people remember the hometown." General Secretary Xi Jinping attaches great importance to the cultural heritage protection work, "he once pointed out that" a historical remains of a city, cultural monuments, human heritage, is part of urban life. " "More than 30 years ago, the gossip building of the Gulangyu"

Blue Fandan Meets with the Chairman of the Board of Directors

  Original title: Blue Fandan Meets with the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Vanke Group September 6, the provincial party committee deputy secretary, the provincial governor Blue Fandan in Taiyuan met with the Vanke Group’s Chairman of the Vanke Group. Vice Governor Wei Wei participated.   The Blue Fandan on behalf of the provincial party

Comprehensively implement the organizational route of the new era

Original title: The people want theory: Comprehensively implement the Party’s Organizational Route Shanghai Xi Jinping New Times Chinese Characteristic Socialist Thoughts Socialist Thoughts: Since the 18th National Congress of the Party, the Party Central Committee of Comrade Xi Jinping is promoted in the new era In the magnificent process of building a new great project,

Can the market continue to replace the price of the house?

After the total amount of transaction fell by 3 months, when the price of the price is arrived, he arrived at the market. According to the latest data released by the National Bureau of Statistics, the sales area of ??commercial housing in the country, the sales have been reduced in three consecutive months, and the

Beijing: A child replenishment will be built per district

Original title: The city will build a children’s replenishing park for each district, and the 20th anniversary of the establishment of a children’s replenishing park this year. The meeting and the self-improvement and the help disabled and disabled commendation meeting were held recently. Beijing Youth Daily reported that the "13th Five-Year Plan" of the disabled

De wintervakanties van dit jaar zijn gepasseerd

Originele titel: "Dit soort arbeid is te interessant." Om 7.30 uur ‘s ochtends, Yang Wei, Yang Wei, gestationeerd in het groentegebied van de grootmoeder, bezorgd over de lage taal: "Zo’n grote vorst, de groenten van vandaag lijkt het niet op te halen. "Het kwam naar het landelijke grootmoederhuis in de Six-Day Street van Guandu District,

Country education requires more "burning people"

1 deep excavation "The most northern" regional cultural education "life is the best teacher, it will lead you to the right life journey in unknown. "Into the teaching building of this school, first introduced the eyes of the eye-catching works, the famous works of the contemporary writers of the wall," Chi Zijian is an outstanding

27 november, geen nieuw Coronair Virus Pneumonia in de provincie Guizhou en vermoedelijke gevallen

Op 0-24 november 27, 2021 was er geen onlangs gediagnosticeerde zaak zonder onlangs toenemende zaken zonder nieuwe vermoedelijke gevallen. Vanaf 24:00 uur op 27 november heeft Guizhou Province 158 gevallen van lokale bevestigde gevallen gemeld, 1 geval van diagnose van waargenomen gevallen, cumulatieve behandeling van 157 gevallen en 2 sterfgevallen. Er waren 0 gevallen van