Party Construction Employment "Yansheng" Running "

Sichuan Yingshan County adheres to party building as leading, policy support, service security, and vigorously implement "return to Yan", actively develop "return to the geese economy", and help high quality development in county economies. Take the party to promote the communication, let the "return" willing to return to the high position of the party committee.

The National Development Bank Xiamen Branch and Xiang’an District People’s Government signed "" 14th Five-Year Plan "Development Financial Cooperation Memorandum"

In order to implement the spirit of the 19th National Plenary Session of the Party, further serve the high-quality, high-quality, modernization, international urban construction in Xiamen City, and vigorously promote "crossing island development", support Xiang’an District to build Xiamen City Deputy Center, build "5 + 6 + N" Modern Industrial Development System. On November 12th,

Survivation amount excellent increase promotion to upgrade

This newspaper (Reporter Zhu Yue Yulin Peng Trainee Reporter Li Rong correspondent Li Yi) September 29, Jinshan once again pressed the "fast forward button" of the industrial transformation and upgrading. On the morning, "Jinshan Transformation Dream Carbon Valley Green Bay" 2021 Golden Mountain Major Industry Project held in the third season of the third season,

Shanghai City North High-tech Service Center

The Shanghai Northern High-tech Service Center was established in August 1992. As an important part of Zhangjiang National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone, the city North High-tech Park is in the past 25 years, under the kindness of the superior government, continuous development, innovation, transformation Upgrade, the appearance of the park, the industrial energy level, the

The financial revenue in Fujian Province in October continued to grow faster

According to the statistics of financial express, January-October, Fujian Province fiscal revenue continued to maintain two digits, the general public budget of the province completes billion yuan, year-on-year growth rate; local general public budget revenue completed billion yuan, year-on-year growth%. From tax revenue, the province’s tax income billion is increased year-on-year. In terms of industries,

Tongzhou Retired Military Affairs Bureau held an independent retired soldiers online adaptive training meeting

People’s Daily Online October 28th, October 27, the 2021 self-employed retired soldiers online adaptive training meeting organized by the Tongzhou District Retired Military Affairs Bureau. Chen Xiaoli, deputy director of the Tongzhou Decommissioning Military Affairs Bureau, said, "Organization convened the retired soldiers to adaptive training meeting, in order to convey the welcoming and caring of