Suzhou Wujiang Development Zone aims at the intelligent manufacturing force push manufacturing "intelligence reform"

"In 2021, Wujiang Development Zone plans to take the lead in achieving industrial ‘智 数 转’ full coverage." April 27th to 28th, Intelligent Manufacturing Talents Training Summit Forum and Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering Technical Skills Standards Seminar In Suzhou Wujiang, Wang Wei, deputy director of the Wujiang District Commission, and the Deputy Director of the Director

The 43th episode of the party history in the art work "Zhou Enlai at the Bandung Conference"

In order to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, use the times with the era of the vocabulary, under the guidance of the Central Propaganda Department, Culture and Tourism Art Division, People’s Network, People’s Oriental Publishing Media Co., Ltd. jointly produced a hundred collection of short video programs

Shanghai issued an invitation to the world: Building a famous tourist city

Original title: Shanghai issued an invitation to the world: Joint the world famous tourist city comprehensive morning newspaper reporter Li Xiaoming, Xinhua News Agency reported that the first Shanghai Tourism Investment Promotion Conference held yesterday, two "100 billion" Shanghai "14th Five-Year" major tourism project started "2021 Shanghai Tourism Investment Recommendation Guide" officially released, online travel

People’s Lecture Hall, Frontier: Digital China Wisdom Society

The government’s governance should be suitable for local conditions and fully combine the needs of the actual situation of the city. After urban wisdom management, visualization, controllable, intelligent make the city can predict, can be evaluated, can continue to optimize the city, and improve the efficiency of work, now there are many office, solve problems,

People’s Daily Deputy Majesty Telling Qingdao Story: Spring Fish

The sky faintly flashed a few scattered stars, and the earth was dark, and there was a silence. Looking far away, the energy-saving lamp hanging on the pole of the fishing terminal is being flashing with a weak shining. Just in the morning. Lao Li and the village have hit the flashlight toward the pier.

Shanxi men’s football shocks A league

  Original title: How long does it take for an unbeaten record? Shanxi men’s football shocks Grade A league September 1, 2021, not only the days of starting school. Also on this day, China’s leamolded group unveiled the battle, and Shanxi men built on the journey of impacting the Grade A league. "This season has exceeded

Southeastern Kaili: Develop supervision list to strengthen "a hand" political supervision

"As a ‘one hand’, to effectively improve the political position, responsible for the political responsibility of the party and governance, take the initiative to supervise, and insist on exercising power under institutional constraints …" Recently, the main person in charge of the Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission Separation research supervision "work, the" one hand "and

Shaanxi Province Thirteenth Beauty Salon Vocational Skills Competition held in Xi’an Haishu Vocational College

Shaanxi Province Thirteenth Beauty Salon Vocational Skills Competition opened at Xi’an Haishu Vocational College. On November 12, the Shaanxi Provincial Finance and Trade Fair and Light Industry Trade Unions and the Shaanxi Provincial Beauty Sanage Cosmetics Association hosted, Xi’an Haishu Vocational College, Xi’an Haishu Technician College, Xi’an Haishu Vocational College Traditional Chinese Medicine Museum, Shaanxi

The Party Committee of the Autonomous Region has deepened the 15th meeting of the Reform Commission.

Original title: Deepen the reform adjustment structure Optimization layout to strengthen the state-owned economic system of the supervision and construction of clear function science, on October 26, the party committee of the autonomous region fully deepened the 15th meeting of the Reform Commission, listening to the three-year progress of state-owned enterprise reform, review The new

The trade district of the trade area is open for 2020

Original title: The trade district of the trade district, the leader of the trade district, and then upgraded the openness of my country’s external open and re-enrollment journey. On December 31, 2019, the "Foreign Investment Law Implementation Regulations" is announced, and many important laws and regulations such as "Foreign Investment Law", "Explanations of Foreign Investment